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  • Disc Golf T-shirts

    Does anybody know any good websites that sell disc golf t-shirts. I've found a site or two that has generic disc golf shirts, but I want a discraft comet t-shirt and other shirts of specific discs. There probably has never been such shirts made, but I want to find them if they have. Any suggestions?

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    If Discraft doesn't make them, then likely no one else would (because of the Branding, proprietary rights, etc)

    However, great opportunities exist in Print on Demand services. Search the web.. there are a ton of sites that will make a custom t shirt for you. These utilize computerized printing methods, rather than traditional screen and ink technology...so you can get a full color, full photo resolution if you want, front or back, both, on any style of shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, mousepads, mugs... you get the idea its whatever it is you can imagine..

    But it'll cost more. A local screen shop likely will either charge quite a bit for a single color single order shirt, or require a baseline of order size. A local screen shop I know won't set up a screen for anything less than 75 dollars worth of merchandise. A Print on Demand site does not require minimum orders, but again, it'll cost more for one shirt, with very limited price breaks for larger orders, since they are all the same to them regardless.

    Many print on demand shops may be lax on copyrighted material, some let copyrighted material slip through for a while before they notice, and some are vigilant on it.

    Check around.


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      i'm going to take a crack at using an at home screen printing kit to make some shirts.
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      Fear of any kind is the number one enemy of all golfers regardless of ball-striking and shot-making capabilities.


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        An even better idea if you do try out print on demand -

        sign up with a free account on zazzle.com (or cafe press, or wherever)

        Design shirt to your hearts desire.

        Save it as project "in progress"

        Watch your email inbox from the shirt site for short term item specials (4 hour 50% off, free shipping, etc) These come pretty regularly, especially around holidays.

        When the sale hits, go to your account and click "purchase".

        Home screen printing can be fun and a great learning experience (just like disc dyeing) , but its messy and has some learning/start up/mistakes costs.

        The equivalent to Print on Demand for full color custom dyed discs is Dynamic Discs Dyemax.
        Same concept.


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