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    My New Religion

    Hi my name is Paul and I am a born again Discaterian. I believe in our father and savior, Treejus.

    As a discaterian, I believe there is a spiritual connection between the flight of the disc, the chains and the trees. This connection starts with the desire to set the disc free. Once in flight, the discís flight can encounters many outside influences (some good and some evil).

    Once the disc has left your hand, you are merely a passenger required to wait for the final outcome of your efforts.

    In Treejus, I have found a participant willing to positively influence the flight path. to some, these forces are GOOD (like wind at your back, the positive glance off a tree towards the basket or narrowly missing a tree) these good things do not just happen.

    They are a directly result of the degree we are willing to learn and grow through the efforts and effects of Treejus.

    How do you contribute, you may ask. First and foremost PLAY MORE. The sounds of the chains is the penny in the coffer. The trees absorb the noise and add the influence abilities.

    The congregration is able to help others by directly or indirectly effecting the players you enjoy your time with be instruction either by direction or observation. As an example, I have learned to love the tomahawk approach shot be seeing it done by others. It may not be appropriate at all times but I know when I use it where it came from and who shed the light light onto me.

    spread the word, Treejus is coming,

    on a lighter note, I apologize if my mock religion offends but it like other things in life is not life or death, just an opinion and a feeling.


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