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  • Rival clubs

    The "RIVAL CLUBS" league is a club of clubs that host 1 event at each clubs home course in a series for points to claim your clubs Badasssedesssss! This club will be run on discgolfscene.com. Each club will have an agent from their members to be named as staff on the "RIVAL CLUBS" profile page. All agent will have equal access to the profile and together will form a committee of Tournament Directors(T.D.). Each club will be required to host 1 event for the "RIVAL CLUBS" league in the 2012 season, the rules of this 2012 season will be determined by the committee on Oct. 29th 2011 in the first league meeting and the start of the rivalries.

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    what areas do you intend to include in this league?


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      For now the "RIVAL CLUBS" will be made up of whatever clubs join on time. But eventually we will set up conferences by region (Nw, N, Ne, W, C, E, Sw, S, Se, Oregon) not by club membership. Some regions have more clubs than others so this will be need to be decided by the committee of tournament directors. Players will earn points for their clubs with each division win by 1/2. EXAMPLE; If there is 4 clubs in a conference then there will be 5 events (1-@ ea. clubs home course + one neutral location) for points, 4 points possible per win per division. Clubs and players will split the points(2pt.-club + 2pt.-player for 1st place) earned. This will ensure players will play the whole series if they want to win the season finale. Club wins is what we are really playing for though. This is "RIVAL CLUBS" after all!


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        Sounds fun

        It would be cool to have an icon or trophy that would be granted to the winning club for the year.


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          This is a really good idea, can wait for this to start. I believe we talked about this at the luau.


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            "rival clubs"

            The rival clubs meeting on Oct.29th has moved to Willamette disc golf course after the Hope open due to conflicting events schedule. CCDG will be providing dinner for the tournament directors that form the committee of T.D.s and start the Badasssednesssss!


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              Teams Disc Golf

              To organize a series with teams you need lead time. The RIVAL CLUBS league will start Jan. 2012 and run through the 2012 season with events scheduled well in advance so to not conflict with other events. Those who plan events last min my not see the turnout like events planed 8-12 weeks in advance. The first RIVAL CLUBS tournament directors meeting is at Willamette park after the Hope Open and dinner will be provided to the T.D.s thanks to Capital City Disc Golf club's commitment to this league. Good luck on the 29th.


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                The Hope Open meeting was a success. The RIVAL CLUBS committee of tournament directors will take the next few weeks to establish the 2012 schedule on discgolfscene.com

                RIVAL CLUBS MEMBERS;

                ABDG----Tim "Timmbo" Wenrich

                CCDG----BEAST JOHNSTON

                DGOD----Luis Nava

                EDGC----Gene Fackler

                WDGC----Roy Albert

                If you want to know more about the RIVAL CLUBS event on your home clubs turf or how to get involved with your clubs flight crew, ask one of the above gentleman or use the "Talk" feature here on the RIVAL CLUBS profile page on discgolfscene.com.


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                  Scoring Example for 5 clubs

                  Five Club RIVAL CLUBS scoring;

                  - 5 clubs = 6 events, 5 divisions = 25 possible points per club per event.

                  - Divisions; Open, General, Masters, Grand Masters, Womens.
                  If you club can't bring players for each division thats your clubs loss.

                  - Per division points;
                  1st place = 5 points (2.5club/2.5player)
                  2nd place = 4 points (2club/2player)
                  3rd place = 3 points (1.5club/1.5player)
                  4th place = 2 point (1club/1player)
                  5th place = 1 point (0.5club/0.5player)

                  - No points for club or players not signed in a division.

                  - 125 player limit per event (5 clubs x 5 players x 5 divisions = 125) each club may bring 25 players, but 1st place finish in each division is what counts so bring players that fit the divisions. If your club can't bring players that fit each division its your loss since only 1 player from each club can place in each division. A club may bring only 5 players and still get 25 points if all 5 finish in 1st place.

                  - Players will pay a buy-in of $5-$10 per event, Clubs will be required to put up a minimum $ amount to host each event at that clubs "HOME" course. "HOME" courses must be maintained by that club for a club to claim it as a "HOME" course.

                  - Trophies for; Total points by club per event( home clubs design), Points leaders in each division for 2012 season, TOTAL CLUB POINTS for 2012 season (engraved & reused each year)

                  - Prizes for players at each event provided by home club/buy-in at T.D.s discretion.

                  This scoring system can piggy-back on any existing event with singles-stroke-play format. RIVAL CLUBS T.D. must sign in players separate to existing event and specify divisions.


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                    Join The RIVAL CLUBS league in 2012

                    It is NOT too late to join the RIVAL CLUBS for 2012. The first event date will lock in the scoring system, thus finalizing the sign-up period. So far only CCDG has set a date for a RIVAL CLUBS event and that is March 3rd @ Keizer Rapind. A club event scheduled before March 3rd 2012 could be your chance to host for RIVAL CLUBS league 2012 as long as that event is a Singles-Stroke-Play format. The RIVAL CLUBS scoring system can Piggy-Back on that event and prizes awarded separately.

                    For example;- A player may place in 8th place in the Masters division for the home clubs host event but,
                    - place 1st in the Grand Masters of the RIVAL CLUBS sine there was no Grand Masters div for that host event.
                    - A separate and additional buy-in for RIVAL CLUBS will go to prizes and end of season trophies.
                    - Host event T.D.s and RIVAL CLUBS T.D.s can work together to lighten the work load, but buy-in must be kept
                    separate sine not all players in host event will be participating in RIVAL CLUBS league.
                    - This makes being a Tournament Director for the RIVAL CLUBS league SUPER easy, especially if you have the
                    support of your home clubs most popular event T.D.


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