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    Originally posted by bryan_luoma View Post
    The Parks and Open Space Planning Manager, Neil Bjorklund appears to be soliciting feedback WRT some potential changes in the ABP DGC plan.

    1) leave the disc golf course area as it was, with very restricted hours on Cuthbert event days, and a maximum of 15-16 holes, or

    2) to make these changes to allow expanded hours of play on Cuthbert event days and to expand the number of holes to 18 on most days.

    Does anyone who is intimately familiar with these changes want to comment on this so we can provide the best feedback.

    Expanded hours of play and expanded number of holes seems like a no brainer? Does this adversely affect the quality of the original layout?
    Opinions vary. The EDGC facebook page has some discussion and a map of the changes has been posted. I think there's two schools of thought.

    One says let's just agree to this and get the course in the ground and go from there.

    The other response is to complain a bit because essentially they are cutting out a pretty nice section of trees (permanently) to accomodate eight or nine days of parking for the Cuthbert. (Yes, that's right. When there's no event parking, we still can't use the open meadow or a very nice section of trees.)

    I sort of see the value in just ignoring this latest affront and moving on, but I still think that the city needs to explain why they are valuing part-time cars over full-time park users. It goes directly against a number of the city's stated principles regarding transportation and planning.

    OTOH, the course will up and running this weekend!!!

    Friday afternoon, Saturday and Sunday. It's a pay-to-play fundraiser for the club. We can forget about the politics and have some fun.


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      Thanks for the insight Jim! I'll check out the FB page too. I think you raise a good point WRT the cities reasoning.


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