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  • Are you HARDCORE?

    Because the group of us that went to play Hagg Lake in 2 feet of snow sure are! Jim, Eric, George, Lonell, Dave Phife, and I started our round at about 10am. Everybody made it through the front nine, trying to follow each others footprints.

    #28 Lonell +4
    #42 Darr +6
    Eric +7
    Dave +7
    #48 George +9
    Jim Nims +9

    Right when we started the back nine Tex (Dave) started complaining about numb wet feet. He couldn't hang and headed back to the van once we got to 11's basket. Jim Nims pushed on but had to throw in the towel and headed back to the van from 14's tee. The final four kept moving and finished the course at about 3:30.

    Darr +13 #42>#28
    Lonell +15 #28>#42
    Eric +15 (1 mulligan)
    George +19 #48>#48
    Dave DNF
    Jim DNF

    We took a lot of pictures, I will get them posted soon.
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    I'm not sure which was more hardcore, playing two glow rounds at Hornings last Saturday in a snow storm and 18+ inches of dry powder or 2 rounds yesterday in 10 inches of wet in the daylight; both great adventures.
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      I was shocked at how much snow was still at Horning's yesterday. Eric and I went out there with the intention of playing both courses. After one round of 18 on the short course, my wet cold feet couldn't take anymore. Ha!

      I sure do appreciate you going out there to play earlier in the day, JMan... left us with some footprints to follow rather than step in the deep stuff. I do wish you guys took shorter steps, though, as I'm sure I looked ridiculous taking such long strides myself. Haha!!


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        We had a PDGA C tier that I am running on Saturday here in Juneau. 2' of fresh snow on top of the 12" of frozen snow. 15 degrees and 20-30 MPH wind. Snow was coming down sideways all day!! Didn't get light till about 9:30 and was dark by about 3:45. We barely made the two rounds in time!!! That is hardcore!
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          i don't know if this is hard core, but it was sure hard on me thinking about it... Yesterday, playing rocklin disc golf course in the sun, trying not to get dirty while reading my pager this thread about playing in two feet of snow, made me chilly, had to put on some arm sleeves to warm up... gosh that was so hard, made my feet wet.......


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            Hard core? Did I ever tell you the story of walking 10 miles to school in the snow up to my waist, carrying two cords of firewood, uphill both ways?



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              i wouldnt call it hardcore but determined, i looked for a disc for a hour and a half the other day in a foot and a half of snow (star, stingray, 164) wasnt a disc i could leave behind!


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