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  • Champion V.S. Star plastic

    I know that the durability is different between the two, but do the ratings (ie. glide, high speed turn, and low speed turn) change between the two different types of plastic?

    I only ask because I find it interesting that the champion versions all have the stats for what the disc is rated printed right on the face of the disc while the star versions do not. Anyone know why? Seems to me, it should be on all of them just for convenience, but who knows...

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    I do notice a difference in Star vs. Champ. I find that my Champion counter parts are usually more stable (at least out of the box).

    On a side note has anyone noticed that the newer Star plastic is not very durable? I just got a Star Archon and it has been eaten alive. Maybe I am just hitting more trees, that's probably it.


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      I have noticed quite a difference in stability between Star and Champ discs of the same mold/weight -- but not in the same way. Champ Sidewinder being more stable than a Star SW, and a Star Monarch that is more stable than a Champ Monarch. Quite frankly, I think Discraft is more consistent across the board, but I like having two Sidewinders that behave differently...each one has it's purpose.
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        Sure sure. I was just curious, because i have a star roadrunner, and the champion version's fade is a -4, 1 so it cuts to the right a ton at high speed. My Star version does it as well, so it must be pretty close.

        but i was just curious as to why they dont put the stats on a star version...


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          champions dont always have the stats on them, and star plastrics do come with stats. it just depends on the disc i guess. my star boss has stats on it and my champ monarch does not


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            It has more to do with recent runs and popularity of molds as far as the stats go. If I recall this is a fairly recent change within the last year and a half. also not all stamps are retooled at the same time.


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