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  • Disc golf VS the Gameing comission

    As TD's, Do we expose ourselves to prosecussion under gaming laws?

    AS Players are we exposed to the same prosecution?

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    It has been a while since I did some research on this topic. I some what remember it being O.K, but it could be argued either way. The gaming laws vary from state to state.

    Disc golf is a game based on skill.

    Gaming laws are for games based on chance.

    Anyway, that's my comment for now. I could be way off, but I don't have the time or desire to any research at this moment.


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      Horses are in the race for an entry fee, right? The purse would be made up from that and other enticements (from sponsors)?

      Just don't be making book on the side.
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        I won $9 last night playing disc golf against some buddies. I returned 7.5% of that income to the state in the form of taxes on the pitcher I bought. I assume I am still in good standing with Christine Gregoire (Skeletore).


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          In most places, betting between people is legal. It is when the house takes a cut that it starts becoming illegal (tax evasion).


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