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  • Have you ever had any weird injuries playing Disc Golf?

    Two weeks ago I dislocated my 2nd finger throwing a Boss off the tee on hole 12 at Adair Village. I got it to go back in place after tugging on it a few times, has anyone else done this?

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    I rode my bike 5 miles to the Lake Stevens DG course, threw my personal best of 9 under, rode my bike home and when I reached down to unlace my bike shoe I blew out my ACL. That kinda sucked...


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      Partially tore my left calf on a basically flat 40'-45' putt at Sorosis in TDG about 4 years ago......
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        Tore the rotator cuff in my left shoulder (I think) two weeks into playing when I tried to throw left handed without stretching. This effectively ruined me into only using my right hand. Until then, I was able to throw baseballs with either hand, bat either handed, etc...

        Tore my calf wide open on a piece of wood at Farragut two years into my disc golf career. Followed through in the woods, went to put my left foot down so I didn't hurt myself, left calf hit the sharp wood. RIP! All the way from my ankle bone to the back of my knee. That's probably the worst looking one.

        Broken left pinkie from blocking a disc from beaning a fellow competitor. No fore yelled, just looked up and saw it. The person I saved was very grateful. The person who threw the disc was more than apologetic.

        Last good one. I went to put my bag on during the second round of this year's Downriver Open and my right arm felt like it was on fire. Pulled up my sleeve and I had 5 huge gouges in my arm right above my wrist. Looked down and a burr off the metal clip was protruding. I had been scrapping my arm across it the entire first round. Wasn't terrible but looked like I either got mauled by a raccoon or had turned Emo and started cutting myself to release the pain.
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          i got stung 7 times by some yellow jackets after nailing their nest with my upshot at the eugene celebration last year... not really an "injury" i guess... but they got me nearly all up in my business (note to self... no shortie skorts next year) and it was a little bit worrisome...
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            Rolled my ankle last year walking to my disc. Right now i'm in a cast because it wouldn't heal. I had to have surgery to repair a torn ligament. 8 weeks in casts then therapy..... boohoo


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