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    Pissed isn't the word I would use, as I don't think I've ever been pissed about a tournament with either open or closed finances. I probably should've said upset in the previous post.

    However, I was... ambivalent (?) is maybe the word, about Jub's CSI stuff until I saw his finance page. I was essentially waiting to see how it played out. I would've been uneasy if Jub hadn't defended himself in the face of the accusations by opening up a little bit, and I might've been pissed if I had participated and cashed in the tournament without him being able to open the books in the face of such accusations.
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      The level of exposure of Jub's finances had nothing to do people being dissatisfied. The finance issues came after folks where unhappy with their tournament experience.


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        Originally posted by Skookum View Post
        The level of exposure of Jub's finances had nothing to do people being dissatisfied. The finance issues came after folks where unhappy with their tournament experience.
        While that certainly may be true, it isn't what was represented on this board.

        I just saw several people posting on here hopping mad angry about Jub supposedly skimming $450 for himself from the purse. Kilmers, for example, seems focused on the finances and TD's getting paid in general.
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          That is due to Jubs posts in response to inquiries about payout. He did not do a good job of presenting the information. If you go read the CSI to split weekends thread you'd see at first it did appear by his own posts that he took 450 it wasn't until later that the full finances were revealed that it showed most the money going to expenses. I think if you read that thread you will see based on timeline that the dissatisfaction started before any let alone full finances were disclosed. It starts around post #114 in the CSI to Split Wekends thread in the Washington Events section.
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            Yea, I've been through that thread and I didn't see the previous dissatisfaction with Jub's tournament, just nearly 7 pages of BS about par which gets brought up every time there is anything run at Seatac.

            I agree with you 100% that Jub didn't do a good job of presenting the info regarding the expenses. The problem didn't initiate with Jub being open about the finances, and if he had just posted that PDGA form with all the expenses intact in the first place showing the $100 fee and $32 profit then I feel like the only person that would still be mad would be the people that believe TDs should not make anything off a tournament.
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              RE post

              Originally posted by LJ Jubner View Post
              ...Mikk; Transparency is key .That's where I failed! I listed some deductions on my flyer but those changed and I alone neglected to address them. I knew long before that I would be taking a cut from the open weekend and should have voiced it (like everything else) loudly!

              I compounded the problem by not using terms/values DG know and accept. Instead of the word "cut" or Yoduh's (Scam) I should have just listed every deduction as well as the per player fee I intended to charge. Each of which was a conscience decision I made along the way. Judge me on those choices and their value and what you received not on how you felt.

              I'd like to beleive that by posting the financial page of the tournament paperwork clears up any controversy.
              That I set a precedent that all TD's make this page of their paperwork publicly available

              Will I do it differently next time? Certainly. but will be for free? No.

              One thing is for sure

              Now when everyone of you looks at payouts you will pay more attention. If you see something you don't like say it then.
              This is a learning moment. Can we survive with innuendo and conjecture? Online sure, but in the real world No.

              By offering transparency we will see just how efficient our TD's are, what and how they assign value to their efforts. Our biggest challenge is to actually get golfers to respond with feedback
              Originally posted by snap7times View Post
              Just thought I would add a perspective regardless of what or what did not happen at the CSI and Jub... What did happen is that he did put on a tournament and you guys went and played... don't like something, fill out a TD feedback form that is printable off the PDGA website so he can improve...
              Or you can fill out this online survey as a local option with improvement as it's goal. I do want to thank the 3 who have responded

              <a href="" >

              I don't know what else I can do to help make my event better
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                a good start would be following the tour standards.


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                  jub, the link for the survey isnt correct. with a little deductive reasoning i found the survey, and after looking through it i think that it needs some more work on some of the questions. most of the latter questions might have been done better by having more options or worded differently. but i did fill out the survey the best i could.

                  thanks for pursuing this and trying to make your events better. i wish more people would give you actuall input so that you can accomplish what you are trying to do.
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                    If I had my way the TD's would be paid on a sliding scale (just like the tiers) but for this each would have to publish all the numbers and be held to a higher standards apporiate to their tier. The only short coming of this process is the golfer who can't or won't be bothered to respond. Apathy Kills!

                    This revenue could actually support more then just the weekend players. Like the port o let for 3 months instead of 3 days. It could also be used to reward volunteers with actual wages for helping or heaven forbid Tournament Sponsored Comped Entry. "That's right! Each and everyone of you contributed x $'s for this persons entry for doing ...." The opportunity is there for every golfer all they have to do is know they will be recognized for their help!

                    jub scale
                    $4 for C
                    $6 for B (after $300 added cash disperesed across the entire field),
                    and a wopping $10 for A (after $1500? added cash dispersed across the entire field)

                    These ideas would compensate TD's for hunting sponsors without under valuing the ones who want to do it for the sport


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