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  • Do you want Disc golf to grow?.....Stop giving it away!

    Separate all Professional and Amateur tournaments!

    Up the entry fees for the "Major NT" Pro tourneys to $2000 per entry.
    100 golfers = $200,000

    Spend $150,000 on payout however you like. Favor the top 25 generously and the tournaments will fill 5 minutes!!!

    That leaves $50,000 to cover labor, trophies, TD fees, players pack, whatever bullshit you come up with.

    With $200,000 in entry fees you'll gain THE best players, HUGE media and the biggest sponsors this sport has ever seen....which by the way means more

    Oh, and the disc manufactures (Innova, Discraft) need to stop selling disc so cheap! This $15.99 for the best, most popular disc on the market needs to change. If Nike asked $15.99 for a pair of shoes know body would buy's the truth!

    If you paid $79.99 for a brand new Innova Star Destroyer and you plan on throwing it 400 feet from tee pad to basket you're probably going to take the sport little more serious...

    Want this sport to grow?

    Stop giving it away.....

    Simple Fix!

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    Sounds good to me.
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      I don't Want disc golf to grow!

      April fools?

      Charging so much for tournaments is one thing. If somebody wants to risk all that money to win then ok, but charging 80 bucks for a new disc is ridiculous! That what first runs are for 8 years down the line . You charge that much money and all of the sudden there goes the casual crowd. Then all of the sudden you start charging to play at courses, then private clubs get started. Everything gets very corporate and all of the sudden only the rich get to play. I don't know about you but I play to have CHEAP fun.

      You want disc golf to grow? Take your friends and kids with you when you go.


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        Depends on what you mean by grow? Come to my course on a Weekend and try to bring your friends for a "casual" round! If the group of 20 casuals in front of you let's you play may finish a round in 5 hours.

        BTW The word casual means: careless or offhand, unconcerned....That's not the game of golf! Go play checkers!

        The game of disc golf would never be where it is today if ppl weren't serious about the sport!

        When I say grow I don't mean more ppl playing. We have ENOUGH! I want to sit at home one day and watch disc golf on ESPN!

        Without BIG $$$$$ it will never happen!


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          Putt Putt disc golf sounds "casual" to me?

          I'm not the best disc golfer but, I take the sport very seriously and have tons of fun doing it!


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            What would the founding fathers say?

            Someone can always find a way to screw a good thing up.
            The Corporate Empire is NOT a Constitutional Republic...
            ...but it plays one on TV.


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              I can see where you are coming from. And I too wish I could flick on ESPN 14 and watch some disc golf. If we could somehow make the tournaments better, but keep it so that regular rounds of disc golf stay FREE, then I am all for it. I am just afraid that like anything else, when it gets bigger then corporate interests who think they can make a buck swoop down to cash in. I would also agree that for the most part the casual crowd sucks, because they are often more destructive to courses, and they don't let people play through....come to think of it you might have a point! BOO Casual golfers!

              I guess I agree with most of what you are saying, I just get a little defensive when people try to make me pay more for something, with no justification. If they started out charging 80 bucks then that is obviously what it costs to produce the discs, but since they have been handing them out at 10 to 15 a pop, they have shown that 15 is what they are worth. Charging 80 bucks now would cause a riot in the streets...well at least my street.

              Better tournaments, YES!

              Disc golf on TV, YES!

              Charging me more money for the equipment, and the rounds of golf, NO!


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                Charging me more money for the equipment, and the rounds of golf, NO!<----this is going to happen if we want the sport to grow im sorry to say it.
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                  Where are you going to find 100 golfers to pony up $2000 each?

                  Lots of fringe pros are willing to plop downn $150 to be part of the tournament experience. Many know they are a longshot to cash. Would they plop down $2000 to play? Doubtful. The field just isn't that deep right now.

                  Charging $80 a pop for a disc? It may happen eventually, but you can't just skip ahead. The market has proven that a $15-$20 disc will sell consistently. Believe me, if the market would bear a higher price then the manufacturers would be charging it.


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                    Ball golfers pay so much for their clubs. They don't, however, drop 80 bucks on a pack of balls. Since discs are OUR clubs, that would be ridiculous. I can see this conversation happening time and time again:
                    "Man, I know I can get the 350 feet to the pin. It's all over the water though. I can't afford to lose this (insert disc name here). I don't have 80 bucks to spend on another one."

                    Say goodbye to risk reward. Say hello to complacent safe shots all day. Boring. That will draw nobody to the sport, especially t.v. They already have a sport that is boring like that. It's called GOLF.
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                      Reality... you have left the building.
                      ďI believe I can hit 18 greens, hit every fairway, you know ó Vision 54, which means you birdie every hole, thatís in the back of my mind. I want to putt better, chip better. That day when I hit 18 greens and one putt, Iíll know Iím a complete golfer. Will that ever happen? Iím not sure, but itís possible. The 54 vision is always in the back of my mind.Ē
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                        Originally posted by Sam View Post
                        Reality... you have left the building.
                        I thought that was aparent with the notion of disc golfers having 2000 dollars laying around to spend solely on entry fee.
                        "Honest work is for the downtrodden and the Polish"
                        Cleveland Brown


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                          I'll bite...

                          Happy April fools days...

                          silly posters... $80 for an aerodynamic piece of plastic? I'll be surprised if the production line ever breaks $25 a disc. there are only 2 steps to production!

                          I have a hard time paying over $50 a tourny as is... $2000?! you are silly.
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                            the highest entry fee in disc golf today is pro worlds and usdgc at 225-235 a pop... Paying more than $300 for a tournament is crazy... and unaffordable to probably 80 percent of the dg population


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                              There are enough companies out there that would throw their name out to sponsor players at that price. Put an xbox logo on my chest and sign me up. If I could make a good living playing this game I am willing to be your billboard.
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