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  • Discin' in the Wind...

    Went out to Lunchtime this afternoon and played 30 holes (2 rounds from the long and a short loop [6] around the church), and it was SUUPPPEER windy... probably a sustained ~15 with up to 30mph gusts. Shot +8, then +12, and didn't keep track of the last 6, but honestly felt good about the fact that I played under bogey golf, despite the relatively (for other people) bad scores (novice golfer here...). I felt like today was great practice, and learning what my discs do in the wind is important, but there must be some base facts out there that are good to keep in mind. Anyone have any suggestions, links, random/inane comments on the subject? Happy to see them

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    Keep it low and flat! When you start throwing hyzers and anhyzers your discs can react much different than you had planned. Granted it depends a lot on how well you know your plastic and how well you judge the wind, but form my experience low, flat, and let the disc do the work, don't try and force anything!


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      Did you tune into what your stuff did when throwing into a direct headwind vs. throwing with a pretty direct tailwind? Today was a good day to see the basic pattern...
      into headwind makes your disc less stable/more wanting to flip over

      with a tailwind makes your disc fly more stable, with all other factors the same

      cross winds are trickier for sure. Seems like if the wind is ripping into contact with the top side of you disc 1st,(i.e. wind from the Left during hyzer shot for a RHBH thrower) it wants to push it down quick, a fast sinking dud flyin' outa your hands, but there are a LOT of variables here
      I like the " throw low and flat " advice to get some consistent, middle of fairway lies
      I like Nose down release with lotsa rotation when putting, but then aim high to avoid clanging the basket
      there are my random thots
      good fun
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        This may sound a little Zen like, but,

        Never let the wind see the bottom of your putter


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          Originally posted by captain jack View Post
          Never let the wind see the bottom of your putter
          If it gets too windy, my putter is a driver.
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            As the great #163 would say for putts in the wind"Upside down sunday"
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              The higher you get off the ground, the stronger the wind, so throwing low is the best advice.

              And when its gusty you can watch the trees/shubbery for clues on what the wind's doing (or will be doing) to the flight path and try to adjust.

              As far as readng the wind goes, I always loved playing when the cottonwood seeds were in the air (Milo at BSF). You could see every swirl and eddy.


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                Originally posted by Ol' Bob View Post
                If it gets too windy, my putter is a driver.
                I had a few missed putts today, where I picked up my driver and ended up laying it into the basket, and realized the stability of it actually held out way better in the wind. Of course, they always go in on the second throw


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                  That sounds like a "good" day in the gorge or Pendleton. I have played a lot in the wind and have found that yes keeping the disk low, the nose down, and throwing (rhbh) an over stable disc helps a lot when throwing up-wind. When throwing (rhbh) downwind stable to under stable discs with a flat to slightly hyzer release work well. For crosswind situations I like to use a stable disc, I make sure the nose is down and that, when I release the disc, it heads into the direction the wind is coming. This is what I do and it works for me, individual results may vary.
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                    I have to disagree with some of the "throw low when it's windy," advice. Yes this might hold true for some headwind situations but certainly not for all windy shots. With a ripping tailwind you will need to get your disc well up in the air or it will be batted down early.

                    More than the hight of your shot I believe the number one thing to consider in high winds is disc selection and wind aspect. The general rule is simple. Throw flippy in tail, stable in head. Windy days will make you gratefull of those few too many drivers you have in your bag which give yourself a full range of stability. You may be surprised to discover you might drive even further in strong winds with the correct disc selection to aide your shot.


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