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    Originally posted by zippyboy View Post
    Thanks, Magilla and Bullseye. I wasn't trying to insinuate that any one tournament or series (especially local ones) were engaging in this practice. It may have been poorly worded on my part, sorry. It just seems that, in some instances, the lower divisions get the shaft. That's all. But this is also why I wanted to make it part of the discussion. As I have stated, I am on the outside (of the PDGA, and really, a lot of the tournament scene, in general) looking in, and that was and is, merely my perception.
    Zip...would you mind giving any specific examples of the instances you mentioned in your post? This might help focus the discussion a bit.


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      I am honestly not trying to duck the previous question, but I have no specifics for you. Sorry. This is an old perception that I have dating back to when I first started looking into playing tournaments (a little more than two years ago). It seemed (at that time, and based upon the two or three tournaments I was reviewing results for) that for the number of people entered into each respective division, the payout (scrip or otherwise) appeared to be far more skewed to the higher division, regardless of the number of competitors.

      As I haven't really looked into playing much competitively since then, this may have changed, and I may not be aware of it. If so, again, sorry. An old perception. I am very intrigued about the idea of running an AM3 and AM4 only event, though. And I also appreciate the depth of information about all of this, without feeling like I am being attacked or talked down to. You guys rock. Thanks.

      Now that we've drifted this thread out to sea, should we move it? Just curious...
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