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  • What do you have in your bag?

    So I'm placing a new disc order for my business Hear the Ching. I was wondering what everyone likes/wants in their bag. I want to make sure to get the discs that people want. I also would like to know what people like to see for dye jobs on the discs as well. Let me know what everyone has and thinks! Thanks for reading and hope to see you out at the course!

    Hear the Ching
    Eric H.

    Hear the Ching is a custom disc dyeing company that is dedicated to making sure your day at the course is as exceptional and unique as your personalized dyed disc. Contact us today so you can throw some plastic in style from Hear the Ching! http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/...19783691402765

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    Discraft! Nuke, Buzzz, Force, Surge, Wasp, Zone and Avenger SS!

    Also been hooked on the new Vibram putters.


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      Something besides max weight plastic.

      Beginners and older arms benefit from lighter weights.


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        think about the ladies...

        ... would be my suggestion for you, darling...

        ... sometimes it's hard for us to find light enough weights... and by light, i do not mean 166... i mean 160g and under...

        my essential discs right now are the 150 r-pro boss, 160 star valks, 160-something champion leopard, and it was discovered at the Chick Flick that ladies looooove the 150 champ sidewinder... (girls, if you do not have one of these, get one stat, seriously)... i know that several of the girls i played with at the Chick Flick are rockin' the katana right now, too... just not sure what weight/kind of plastic... perhaps 160ish? i know the 166 pro katana i have is a bit too heavy for me, except in a headwind...

        ... as far as dyes go... i've got two words for you: sexy super-heroes!!!

        thanks for asking...

        peace threw disc golf,
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          Let's see..right now the bag is a little weird...and a little big:

          171 Champ Starfire - yellow
          171 DX Destroyer - red
          168 Star SL - yellow
          171 Opto Riot - clear red
          167 Star Vision - red
          171 Star Sidewinder - yellow
          168 Star Roadrunner - red
          168 Champ Sidewinder - yellow
          169 CFR Sidewinder red
          161 Champ Monarch - orange
          172 Star Monarch - orange

          175 Star Stingray - yellow
          178 Cryztal Buzzz SS - clear pearl green
          175 Buzzz-D - blue
          174 Power Oracle - orange

          168 DX XD - orange
          175 SS Warlock - red
          172 SRP Rock-It - red
          185 Blowfly - dark blue
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            I like to see bright colors and bold, original designs.
            The only thing miraculous about ICP is the fact that their children look like them...


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              Here's the video I made for my youtube fans. haha


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                Discraft (buzzz), and DGA (rogue) in lighter weights, by lighter I/m referring to mid to low 160s. Thanks for asking,
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