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    Originally posted by Bullseye View Post
    I play for the next throw.

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      A few reasons:

      Something cool to do with my wife, brother, dad, friends and strangers.
      Learn something new
      Take on a challange
      Needed a new hobby


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        Why I'll play when the weather's crappy:

        Why I'll play even when the weather's crappy: Good folks come by and want to huk anyway.
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          My attempt to balance the Universe
          educate your thinking


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            I forgot.

            Currently, I'm trying to remember.


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              Originally posted by Sam View Post
              One reason. Why do you play disc golf?

              For me, it is about the competition. I want to beat the course by going under par and I want to beat the people I am playing with - always.

              So why do you play disc golf?
              I'm not that competitive a person, but the desire to beat my last round/best score/own expectations etc. is quite a motivator. I tend to prefer solo sports to team sports, though football and baseball are enjoyable.

              However, making the disc fly/roll/skip/bounce etc. is where the true fun is. It's more 3-dimensional than flat sports like pool or bowling, and it has more variety of flight lines than racket sports or stick-ball sports such as baseball or even ball golf.

              Sam is so driven to beat his opponent that it makes it very fun to beat Sam, so his competitiveness brings out my competitiveness, I guess you could say.

              Yep, that's it, I found the one reason I play: to beat Sam. (Or any of you...)

              Actually, being outside in nature, getting exercise, peaceful solitude or warm companionship, the party atmosphere, camping out; it's just not possible to name one reason.

              It must be the flight of the disc. That's why I will play alone, play in bad weather, play for years on end, accumulate hundreds of discs, etc. If I did not play, I would not walk these parks. I would be doing something else outdoors, probably a solo sport like snowboarding, mountain biking, wakeboarding, sailboarding, but it is the golf disc that gets me out now.
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                I play because I like sound of the disc when it hits the chains on the first shot BAM And yes Ive heard that sound now 31 times
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                  Click here

                  Challenge disc golf


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                    The researchers found a person was more motivated to go out in exercise if they did it with other people. Having at least one other person exercise with you met your need to socialize while meeting your need for exercise. People who exercised alone were less motivated to do it.

                    Interestingly you see this in golf, biking, jogging. It's more common to see 2 or more people than a single person exercising.

                    I do it for the endorphins.

                    sometimes I like to golf alone if I've been peopled out.
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