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    Originally posted by Tim View Post
    The Mike Moss baskets are hands down my favorite "value baskets" that I've used. The shallow/angled cage can be daunting, but the actual chain assembly catches great, quite possibly even better than some "real" baskets. *coughmachiiicough*

    I have yet to see one in real life yet, but I'm curious about the new Ching Chainmaster. It looks like it could be a good compromise between lightweight and heavy duty. And holy smokes...32 chains?
    No prices for ether MM or Ching?
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      I haven't done a lot of research, but I know you can get the Ching from GGGT for $215.
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        Originally posted by Ol' Bob View Post
        No prices for ether MM or Ching?
        The Mike Moss baskets are around $225-$250.

        I guess I must just throw harder/make more putts than you do Snap! Or maybe the chains I use are heavier, either way I've had to reweld (2) M-14's.

        And Tim, I have never had issues with slide outs due to the shape of the basket either, but he did change the design just a hair so the sides are more straight up and down.

        Bob, they are galvanized. His oldest models didn't have nubs, but all the new ones do.
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