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  • Email Medford city planners!

    Never mind. To each their own.
    Last edited by wildrivers; April 16th, 2010, 05:09 PM.

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    Medford contacts

    Originally posted by wildrivers View Post
    I traveled up to Medford to play disc at Holmes. I did not know they had taken the course out. Once I got home I wrote the city a letter asking them to build a new course or two. I found out they had located one along (directly along) I-5. What a shitty place to locate a course! There are so many other great places they can put courses, quieter and less muddy places! Please write your own letter stating your desire for a new course in a nicer location. They wont hear us if we dont speak! Here are a few of the citys email addresses:
    There are plans for dg courses in the Medford area.
    You might try contacting a few peeps on this forum about helping out.
    MOB47 and Another Primate might have some info for you.
    IMO there is no such thing as a shitty course as long as you really love the game.
    They're all good, some are just better.
    Good luck, and be careful when you talk to that MOB47 fella because that's his course.
    He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion.
    - Anonymous


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      Originally posted by Flatroc View Post
      IMO there is no such thing as a shitty course as long as you really love the game.
      Hey hey hey, I see a disc golf baskette!
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        Originally posted by Flatroc View Post

        IMO there is no such thing as a shitty course as long as you really love the game.
        They're all good, some are just better.

        WINNER WINNER Chicken Dinner

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          Originally posted by Ol' Bob View Post
          Hey hey hey, I see a disc golf baskette!

          Heyyy Boo-Boo
          "In Discatarianism We Trust"




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            The city did not locate a course along I5.

            And Holmes was pulled TWO YEARS ago. Yes, we are still sad. City has agreed to let us put in what should be a wonderful course at Chrissey Park, on the Foothill side of Medford, but that is several years off, still. They have disbanded the disc golf commission and have said they will not meet with us again until the estimates on erosion control at Chrissey are complete; this after more than a year of meetings.

            The course you saw along the freeway is not sanctioned by the city, and they are simply looking the other way. Currently, it's the only place to play in Medford and I've had a lot of fun there. I'm grateful for all the hours the guys spent clearing brush and hanging tones. Hey, if you don't think it's worth your time, don't play it.

            We've just put in a nine-hole tone pole course in Gold Hill, which is fifteen miles north of Medford.

            That's it. If I sound crabby, it's because I am.


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              I really shouldn't chime in here, but I spend several days a year in Medford and I really miss Harmon being gone. I loved finishing my work day unwinding over there. It was not the best course, but I thought it had good flow and was fun for mid range and putter practice. It was fun playing with the locals. My guess is the folks who live adjacent to hole #4 probably were tired of fishing discs out of their swimming pool and dealing with the noise from the park. Admittedly, I left a Roc behind that went wild on me.
              It seems like Medford would be a killer place to house a really epic course. I can see a Whistlers esque type of course there. I just don't know the area well enough to suggest where, but what about somewhere between Medford and Ashland? there is alot of cool terrain out there. Is there a disc club that could spearhead it?
              again, probably none of my business, but just wishing you guys success in putting a course in there.
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                City pulled Holmes because of neighbor complaints. I think that had they allowed us to create an additional course instead of pulling Holmes they'd have seen improvement; our sport had become so popular by Holmes's last year and there was just too much traffic there. There was no parking lot by the course so people parked along the street; I'm sure the neighbors got tired of no spaces in front of their house, and of the noise, and everything that goes along with living in an expensive house with a once-lightly-frequented park across the street.

                Medford told us they'd find us another place before they'd pull Holmes, but then didn't follow through - and then surprised us by pulling the Holmes baskets anyway. There one day, gone the next.

                They said we could use some land at Bear Creek (that course along the freeway) only if we paid to pave the Little League parking lot ($200,000). Hundreds of Little League cars, and a dozen disc golf cars, go figure, they want us to pay. They also said we might have a space in US Cellular Park for a few years until Phase 2 of the softball fields was done, but then they got some government money and built phase two much sooner than expected.

                They said they would give us back the Holmes baskets; that they were in storage. Then, that the head of parks refused to give us the baskets. Then, that we could have them. Then, that they simply could not find them. Now, that they might have found them and maybe we can have them back.

                At our last meeting with the city (we'd been meeting monthly with their "disc golf commission" for almost a year), they told us there was no point in meeting with us again until they figured out what to do about the erosion at Chrissey Park, and that there was no other public land in Medford that they'd consider letting us use. We'd asked if we could build a nine-hole in a less-ideal part of Chrissey that could be reached without the needed bridge; they turned that down.

                Yes, there are some pirate tone pole courses in the mountains; they're swell, but they're more than a half hour from Medford and not plowed, so not suitable for daily play.

                Yes, it's frustrating. They have hundreds of thousands to spend on baseball and no interest in disc golf. No, I have nothing against baseball.

                I think our group's relationship with the city is good. RVDA folks have spent a lot of time and effort working with the city of Medford.

                I really don't think letters from out-of-towners are going to help but it's a free country. However, pointing out that the course along the freeway isn't Whistler's will do us nothing but harm. As I said, we aren't officially allowed to be there.


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                  What are the city's goals and objectives, short and long term with the parks in their city? What are their perceptions of the benefits, goals and objectives of having a disc golf course in one of their parks?
                  Sounds to me that they have misguided perceptions on course installation, mainteance, and benefits of having a course.

                  Had the same BS happen with the Camp Taloali course, the board wouldn't let us install the course on the main grounds, which would have required almost zero extra mowing or brush clearing; instead they gave us the brutal forest area away from the main grounds. One of their top reasons for not wanting the course on the main grounds was that discs would hit buildings; my response, why did they jump to the conclusion that we would be so stupid enough to have buildings near the fairway.
                  Then after we finished the course years before predicted to finish, ask how will Disc Golf make them money, boom donation box and people coming to rent the cabins and having tournaments there.
                  And now they bishing on the extra mowing that has to be done, told them they should have thought of that when I said that during the course proposal.
                  Then they think kids don't even play the game; show them edge program and kids playing the game, especially when Brock Dowell, a world champ junior, is Deaf.
                  They were and still are misguided on the whole disc golf concept but they are now advertising it as another amentity for the kids to use during summer camps...
                  It's all about perceptions and assumptions I guess...
                  Hope the city sees more benefits of having courses around. *Bah, i talk too much.


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