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    Thanks to Sam for working the technical side and to J-Man for working the Zen side. Most importantly they are great friends. I do try and take what I can from everyone I play with.

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      Erik "Buck" Smith was the first seriously good golfer who took me under his wing. Also conversations and rounds with Nate Sexton has helped me refine my game. But my best "coach" was my buddy BVD (ben van deusen) we started around the same time and pushed each other to improve. We drove to and from tournaments together and talked out seemingly every shot in every round. Winning Whistler's Bend Doubles in Open with Ben is still probably my favorite of my few victories in that division.


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        Big Shout outs to Eugene Locals Tom Embree, Bruce Sisson, Buck Smith, Roller Bob, Brother Bob, Dr Richter, Sasquatch, Dave Battaglia, and Mike Flaminio. These guys had the patience to teach a punk 10 year old with a "Bowl Cut". I would not be the golfer I am today without their support on and off the course. They were the first ones to drag me around to tournaments in the 90's. Oh, and my middle school PE Teach Mr Dievendorf who allowed me to play Disc Golf while the class played Dodgeball......I also got 5 PE credits my senior year of high school for my involvement on tour playing disc......suckers lmao

        On a more National Level I'd like to thank Glen Whitlock, Tim Selinske, Cary Trotter, Rob Harding, Avery Jenkins, Ken Climo, and Barry Schultz. Glen for being an amazingly Crazy "Human Being".....Tim for being the Biggest Heart in Disc Golf....Cary for being a rock solid golfer and friend.....Rob for being Top Dawg in Santa Cruz and always has fun.....Avery for always giving an ear and supporting the cause....Climo for being the larger than life guy he is....and Barry for being Barry (are you down with the smoothness? come on get up get down with the smoothness....**Static X**)...i think, lol. peACE

        Ooh, and can't forget Brad "Junebug" Hammock. He has some of the best stories in the game......and they're ALL true...lmao
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          Thanks Yose for all your advice and help on and off the course.


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            Jerry and Guy Dahmen


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              Jerry Miller and family. Don Richter. Yose.


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                my dad, garry hanley, who's been playing this amazing sport with incredible grace and consistency my entire life and who raised me up on a golf course and more recently genevieve beecher who taught me how to enjoy the competition... and so i guess, i also, have to thank Buck, because if it weren't for him i would maybe never have had the opportunity to play with genevieve... but i ain't gonna call him a mentor! hahaha!

                peace threw disc golf,
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                  I don't think someone can be your mentor if they choose the Dalai Lama over the IJ!


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                    i gotta give a shout out to steli locals. chase (ode) kilmer, rod dean, heath, among a long list of others. also a shout out to some oly players. u all know who u are

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                      I'd have to thank Artie up at Terrace for getting me hooked on day one!!!
                      Eric Messford (who introduced me to my dad!!!) and Thor for playing with me since day two (literally) and always giving me advice and helping me progress my game.
                      BMOB, The numerous rounds that I play with my dad always inspire me to keep on keepin' on, I think he's amazing and has one of the best putts out there!
                      Lowell Shields convinced me to play my first tournament... which opened up a whole new world of golf!
                      Chris Gilberts for being the great fun loving guy he is, no matter what every time I see him, he gives me the humble reminder "as long as you're having fun" and a big ol' smile!!!
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                        Dave McAdden... gone but not forgotten, he will long be missed by those that knew him. Dave was a true friend, a superb disc golfer, and a genuinely good person who was always giving out sound advice and smiles.
                        If you were to ask thisk question to alot of the dg'ers around Seattle, such as Riverside DGC or North Park, David "Madman" McAdden's name would be the first name spoken by many, and for good reason.
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                          Shout out to Frank "don't call me stinky leg" Lewis. He was the first person I saw throw an ace run at Jewel's old number one hole on one of my first days out there. It was the farthest and most precise shot I had seen at the time and it was absolutley mind blowing to see.

                          Terrace Creek Todd was the first person to tell me to put hyzer on my disc to keep it from turning over (also on Jewel's old number one hole).

                          Guy Dahmen hooked me up with lots of different types of discs to try out before I even knew there was a difference between innova and discraft.

                          Steve Rolling for getting Juel put in. I may have never started playing had there not been a course across the street.

                          My buddy Brett V for gettting me motivated to go out and play other courses when I first started
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                            Steve rollin' rollin' rollin' rollin'

                            I love that guy!
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                              Thanks to Killer for getting me hooked in 1975
                              "I love it when a plan comes together" -John 'Hannibal' Smith


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                                Thanks to Dr. Fred who put in a course next to my house the weekend I sold that house.

                                Thanks to Cajun who I met at the first doubles night and he finally slapped me and told me to quit calling it frisbee golf.

                                Thanks to Guy who has the ability to watch you throw and tell you what discs you need.

                                Thanks to Gawain and Jordan from Portland for making me come down to my first tournament ever and showing me how much fun disc golf can be.

                                Thanks to Rolling, Ed, Shaun, Caj and all the other Lake Stevens bro's for making me crave a round of disc golf every day I wake up.

                                Thanks to Jim Anderson who black aced a hole from 3 feet away and made me laugh so hard I actually spotted my shorts.

                                Thanks to Dr. Hsu from the Sports Medicine Clinic for reattaching my rotator cuff and bicep tendon.

                                Thanks to everyone else I have ever played with that makes a round of golf so much fun. Remember, it's not whether you win or lose. It's whether I win or lose.....


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