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  • Feldberg putting video

    This is perhaps the most informative and helpful disc golf instruction video I've ever seen, and it's FREE! 45 minutes of really useful stuff. It just so happens that this is the number one thing I've tried to improve since playing in open division. Enjoy, and take heed.


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    The thing that he seems to gloss over is that the release is key.

    Your putting will still have a hard cap on make percentage if you minimize all the other variables without getting good finger spring and late acceleration out of the hand.

    He touches on using the late acceleration to get your put to the basket, but doesn't go into the accuracy part of it.

    That being said, its an awesome description of the pitch putt style.
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      After 4 rounds/practice sessions and viewing the video twice my push putt is already more reliable than any type of spin putt I've had over the last year. I hope Feldberg isn't angry that his video is being passed around for free but I probably wouldn't have ever bought a dvd. He's changed my game from 33' at least.
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        I think he's planning on releasing a second volume to the original dvd he made with Climo.


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          Geezo, I'm so friggin' old and weak. I watched it a couple times and took my stack of Rattlers out to the basket in the yard. I can only push them about 15 feet. I will admit I got most of them in from that range, but so would my spinners have made it. I think I'm just too old and stiff. Everything he said about spin putting came across as right, especially the mental aspect.
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            I can see, after practicing a little bit, how this works. I am unsure if I want to try and implement it before or after the BSF. I could use some confidence in my putt right now.


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