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    Originally posted by ChUcK View Post
    SillyBizz, I think you should take a cut from each Terrace Weekly. Say, 50 cents per head. That doesn't really compensate you for your time, but it would:

    -give you some increased motivation to put on an even better event each week so more people show up

    -spread awareness to the Terrace Weekly regulars that TDing the event really is as much of a commitment as a job

    -probably get you enough to cover your entry fee

    Since Terrace Weeklies are essentially non-profit, it would need to be publicly accounted for. What say you, Tim and Thor, who have run the event for extended periods of time? (Not looking for permission, just opinion)
    All I really want is for everyone to have a good time and go play golf. I have had a couple of people come up to me and tell me that I'm doing a great job running our weekly event and that is all I really want. That second point you made is really huge, most people don't even realize that I drive 50 miles round trip from my house to Terrace Creek every single week, it would be nice to have some gas money but still I don't think I would charge per person for myself; I just don't think I would feel right about it. I like the idea though.
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      Originally posted by sillybizz View Post
      I like the idea though.
      That's because it's a good one.
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        TD's should be compensated IMO, but I agree with those that suggest some sort of limitation or range should be put on the maximum dollar amount earned for running a sanctioned event, outside of vending profits.
        TD's running nonsanctioned events should gauge what is fair for them to pay themselves, depending on a number of factors.

        TD's that run fundraiser events should be compensated as well... I like the idea of a third party bringing in a tip jar for the TD, and any other sort of reciprocity.... well maybe not any sort.

        Weekly events are usually designed to benefit a club, so perhaps the club could reward those that volunteer their time to run club events, rather than deducting directly from the entry fees. Thomas, I think setting up a lemonade stand would be a great idea for you to earn some gas money.
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          This has been a nice Thread to read. Thanks for all the interesting thoughts.

          Being a Pro and a TD puts me in with a small group. It takes great dedication to even THINK about running a good event. If you don't feel you're able to put together an event to the best of your ability......Don't do it then!! There is nothing worse than a tournament holding on by a thread IMO....Give the responsibility to someone who will cherish the opportunity.

          It was my decision that I could not run a full 2010 NW Series to the best of my abilities. Therefore, I have called upon other players to take the reins this year. The Emerald Valley Open and Umpqua Valley Championships are going to be held this year. Dates are TBA. These events are going to focus on fun and may or may not be PDGA. This is not to say that the PDGA rules will not be in effect. It just adds some pressures to an Event to make it PDGA.....But if popular demand requests it.....Give the people what they want.....

          No matter how much you think a TD is walking away with......There is no way it could be enough to cover 'minimum wage'.....We do it for the love of the game......I for one wake up with Disc Golf on my mind EVERY single day.....No matter what I do....I think of making this game better and more accessible to the general public....

          This is one area where we seem to be lacking....Simple access.....How many Basketball courts are in local parks??? Course Developers are the real Diamonds in the rough...After all, without the courses, where are we playing tournaments?

          Sponsors???? I have yet to hear peoples thoughts about sponsors......If each player could acquire just $25 cash sponsorship for example then a TD may be able to take a cut.....Have a Nice PHAT Payout......Bigger player's packs, payouts, cost of events could be off-set....the list goes on.

          Sponsors are the future of Disc Golf....or we are doomed to repeat the past......What happened to the Bud Lite Wintertime Open?
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            Watching everyone get all riled up over an issue that actually has almost no debate in the thread is always entertaining to me, so far only one person has stated that they think TDs shouldn't be reimbursed for their services. lol.

            My $.02, I have no huge personal issue with TDs being reimbursed for concrete costs like driving costs, materials thrown in, that sort of thing, but I do feel that it should be listed publicly, people should be able to factor that into deciding what events they play each year. Remember, some folks have a lot less money these days. What I often state, when this sort of thread emerges every few months or so, is that I don't want to see a broad commercialization of the sport. I believe that much of the strength of the sport and part of what draws me to disc golf over a sport like ball golf is the real sense of grassroots organization. So much can and has been accomplished through volunteer efforts that I question this sort of assumption that the best eventual arrangement has to be a business-style running of events and courses.
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              Originally posted by Ol' Bob View Post
              Go back to my first post in this thread.
              I had already read that, and it didn't seem to develop the thought as much as I hoped.
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                Why do I suspect you're bored?
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                  I like the TD tip jar idea.
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                    Maybe some sort of tournament evaluation form might work?


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                      pdga has tournament evaluation forms ready for TD's and players to use.
                      TD's should always be compensated for their work if they obviously did alot of work. But if TD chooses to take nothing or very little, then cool...


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                        Originally posted by snap7times View Post
                        pdga has tournament evaluation forms ready for TD's and players to use.
                        TD's should always be compensated for their work if they obviously did alot of work. But if TD chooses to take nothing or very little, then cool...
                        The pDGA evaluation form you speak of is at best a token effort and only offered to a select few to respond too.


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                          Originally posted by LJ Jubner View Post
                          The pDGA evaluation form you speak of is at best a token effort and only offered to a select few to respond too.
                          I intend to use their form for my first tournament. Hopefully folks will take the time to use them so that I may learn from any mistakes that I will undoubtedly make.
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                            The way I see it is, you have 3 choices if you don't like how the monies are dispersed;
                            #1. don't play that tourney
                            #2. run your own tourney or
                            #3. play the tourney because you love the sport.

                            Just my $.02


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                              Originally posted by DexterHawk View Post
                              I am always surprised when this issue comes up in the disc golf community how many people don't think that TDs should get paid and are pissed when they find out that they are. I know that we can play for free almost everywhere that we play and that this gives a skewed view of the value of disc golf but this is so ridiculous. How many of you know what percentage the grocery store you buy your beer from takes?

                              If you want better / more tournaments and better / more course get ready for a reality check folks... YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE TO PAY FOR IT!!! Paying TDs not only honors them for their invaluable contribution to our sport, but it will create competition and instead of having to find a whole new batch of TDs every five years in every region in America we will have folks fighting for the job.

                              I am totally excited every time I have fun at a disc golf event and then I find out that the TD made money (ussually because they are my pals or because I am helping out behind the scenes). I complained to an older wiser disc golfer once about where my entry fee had gone in an event that I had won once and he set me straight.

                              No one plays to make a living! The more people who can support themselves through disc golf the more the sport progress... need evidence, look at manufacturers. They make money, each year we get an ever widening selection of discs that are manufactured to be just what we want SO THAT WE WILL BUY THEM! The same thing will happen if we value tournaments and private courses.

                              RANT OVER


                              thank you. this was really well said... pretty much what i was trying for the first time around, and then somehow ended up just talking about myself... hahaha!

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