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  • Birthday Disc Golf

    Boy is there a better day then to hit the chains then on your birthday. Being mine today and the weather perfect here in Portland, I just had to get out. Living on the west side, I headed up to Horning's and had a wonderful time. I did Meadow Ridge and Canyon in about 2 1/2 hours. The courses are in great shape. I have played Canyon a few times over the last three weeks but I have not be up on the Meadow since it first opened. Everything was great. I even learned a two things about my game.

    1) I am definitely a believer now that you do not need the fastest and slickest disc in the market. I am not strong enough for most high speed discs and the fastest I use is the Wraith. But today I fell in love with my Stalker. It goes almost as far as my Wraith, Orc, or other drivers, but is so much better behaved. That was my go to disc on Meadow Ridge.

    2) I have been miserable with my old Aviar putter. It is now over ten years old and it never seems to release correctly out of my hand and I hated to use it for approach shots. I picked up a Rattler a few months ago and I like it for close in shots but not on windy days like today. My wife got me a Banger GT. This disc I was really impressed with and was my go to disc on the Canyon course for all those middle holes that were elevated and only about 220 ft or less. I also learned how to stall the disc with an anhyzer release. Really cool. I got right at the basket (within 4 ft) about 6 times on the canyon course. Twice off the tee, the rest on longish approach shots.

    So now I am another year older but today I did not feel like it. Happy birthday to all those other February birthday people and if you get a chance grab your bag and hit the chains on your b-day. You will not regret it.


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    Amen to the Stalker part. I have reevaluating my disc selections on many of the holes i play on a regular basis. Stepping down from Bosses/Excals to Stalkers and loving it.


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      ditto to the Stalker, loving it. And the glo plastic is sweet!
      And happy B day!
      educate your thinking


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        Stalkers are creepy and scary.


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          happy birthday!

          I used to be all about the big bomber discs as well, but found that my control in the 250-300 range was out of whack due to no fairway driver connections. So I started getting the speed 6-9 discs and my game has taken up more control for more birdie chances overall... I've eliminated all speed 12 discs and only have bosses and katana for the super long holes, wraiths and teerexes are good too but now have 11x kc pro cheetah and gazelle, glow champ teebird, z stalker, glo stalker, champ valk and 10x kc eagle and so much easier to attack holes in tight woods and under 350 now...


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            Birthday golf is the best... last year I was at the BSF for my birthday and I shot my highest rated round ever -8 for a 1052 rated round...

            PS. I'm with you on the fairway driver strategy...


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