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  • post pics of broken disc

    this ia old school innova firebird pro ul driver Ken Climo pro model

    i broke it at hole 1 in port angeles.... i had a shitty throw and it bounced and this is how i found it... sad sad sad this is the 1st disc i have ever broke... as u can tell this disc has been around
    wanna disc all the time pm me
    i am a new son dylan james born 1-7-10
    from roseville,ca so i played alot of sac course... i miss em. i suck @ disc golf and im always over... but its fun. always accepting tips and pointers thanks
    whooop whoooop to all juggalos

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    that looks exactly like the shark I broke last week.


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      My condolences on the loss of your disc. May you take comfort in knowing that it had a long life, and passed away doing what it loved to do.
      Don't just walk past that candy wrapper on the fairway-- I know you saw it!


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        i broke two rocs this winter, a dx that was fairly new to a early tree hit and a bar stamp SE roc that i bought used and on the third throw hit a tree quite a ways away and walked up to find it in two peices. unfortunately no pics from me


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          Pro Wraith

          Snapped, split down the middle!!!!

          one of the Icy Arctic days we had early winter

          I was enjoying a frozen round at Milo.....

          I threw the disc and it hit a tree square about 200' out.... I am wondering if the speed and flight "super cool" the disc in below freezing weather .... and snap ... your out a disc!


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            It was a plastic O-ring on a freezing morning that brought down the Space Shuttle .... and snap ... you're out seven astronauts.
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              ^^^ Oh, snap! ^^^

              The only disc I've ever split through the middle was a DX Gazelle back in my one-disc days. I had seasoned it to the point where even my most valiant efforts couldn't make it hold a hyzer line on any flights over 250'... then one day, after an inconspicuous errant throw into some skinny birch trees, I walked up to find a 4-inch gash through the center.

              The memory is a melancholy one (I wish I could say I still have/throw my very first disc), but the experience was certainly a catalyst for my game: out of the necessity to replace the gazelle, I was led to try out several other (fairway-) driver models as well as putters, and it was this period of experimentation which opened my eyes & mind to the variations among discs' flights. It's all been downwind from there...
              anything truly worth doing is not likely to be easy.


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                The longest drive of my life was made with a 148 DX Wraith. I put it up just right in a tailwind and sailed it 375 feet (longest by 50 feet). That was before a couple of injuries too. It was flippy to the max. Later on I had flipped it into the blackberries on the 5th at Trojan, but a Wise man returned it to me. One day I tossed it on the lefty route on Mud's 2nd to show someone a turnover shot. Being my second drive, I spaced looking for it and played on. It had slipped under the edge of a fern and I found it when it got sucked up into my mower deck and spit out the grass chute. It was one disc that really had sentimental value to me. But I definitely killed it.
                The Corporate Empire is NOT a Constitutional Republic...
                ...but it plays one on TV.


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