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    hey all my name is rodney. im 23 from sac,ca but now i live in sequim,wa been playing port angeles course. i havent played in over a year and a half.... i moved up here with nothing and slowly made my way and found some disc golf stuff and got back in it. i use to play shady oaks in oragevale,ca. i just had a my first son with my wife. his name is dylan james born 1-7-10

    im car less and lisence less from a dui but if any one up in the sequim area wanna play let me know... i got gas $ on it lol. so yea i suck trying to get my grove back. this site is sweet. my hobbies are cars...mustangs and fast cars, dirt bikes and street bikes, ne ways ill be posting more. i got some shitty disc and im trying to get more and more so let me know on that... i need a bag so if ne one has ne thing for sale pm me.

    ill end with this

    oh btw my spelling and typing sucks ass. cheers
    wanna disc all the time pm me
    i am a new son dylan james born 1-7-10
    from roseville,ca so i played alot of sac course... i miss em. i suck @ disc golf and im always over... but its fun. always accepting tips and pointers thanks
    whooop whoooop to all juggalos

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    Welcome to the site and disc golf in the great NW.



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      welcome to the club. and congratz DAD


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        you still around?

        I will be in Sequim this weekend, may try and play Friday or Saturday if weather permits

        there is now a park in Sequim/Carlsborg
        it's on the south side of HWY 101, between Carlsborg rd and KitchenDick rd

        I started a thread about it in the new parks section:


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          fixed the map


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            This is interesting.

            If the location is what I think it is, the area had been a former golf driving range. And now operated by a progressive looking(?) church? That's been my assessment of that land plot from past drive bys.

            From the aerial, there is not a ton of space, and that might even get a little more cramped by the near presence of the highway. But who knows. Let us know what you find.

            However, keep in mind, there are quite a few places (including churches or church camps) that have sometimes have DG baskets that are viewable, and it doesn't always mean that its always public playable.

            There's a big difference.

            It's kind of like driving down the road and seeing a really rad swingset of your dreams in a playground next to some building.

            Or a great firepit, well done basketball court, or a sweet looking fishin' pond.
            Check it out, ask, and then and only then you can maybe gain permission to use.

            The Sequim area is definitely a great locale for DG to gain a great course. DG has faced challenges in the past to that end, but someday the right combo of course and property will happen.


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              Man, don't get me started on the disc golf situation up there. When I lived up there and a group of us proposed a DG course, the county was totally on board to INSTALL and FUND a course at Robin Hill Farm Park, which is a 200 acre park very close to this location on the map. A small group of equestrians and dog walkers banded together and shot us down with a mis-informed propaganda campaign, and the commissioners caved because it was an election year and they were being threatened with their jobs. Four years later and you still have a 200 acre park with virtually NO ONE using it. I am glad that some guys in Port Angeles finally got the CITY to install a 9 holer, but that whole situation is what caused me to pack my bags and move to Kitsap Co., where I couldn't be happier with the DG situation. BTW, this is the short version. Rant over.
              Basket thieves


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                I believe they had a sign up
                I'll check it out today or tomorrow
                (heading to Sequim this afternoon)


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                  Sign said PUBLIC DISC GOLF


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                    Originally posted by KrautBurner View Post
                    Sign said PUBLIC DISC GOLF
                    If so again, please list it on dgcr or send me some info and I can do it ASSUMING IT IS PUBLIC.
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