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    Originally posted by Bruce View Post
    A blond, brunette, and a red head?

    ding ding ding

    "In Discatarianism We Trust"




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      We don' need no steenkin' rules!

      Rafa, Ichiro, and Elway.

      Rafa for the backhand. Ichiro for the tomahawk. Elway for the forehand.
      The Corporate Empire is NOT a Constitutional Republic...
      ...but it plays one on TV.


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        In all seriousness, I've met and played with quite a few folks on the board, and I'd play a round with the overwhelming majority of them tomorrow (if my back didn't hurt...I'm REALLY going to try not to huk tomorrow...)

        But if it's the dream members of the board here, I'd probably say Nate Sexton, and Dion Arlyn (forgot your respective monikers...) and then Skeet Scienski - the artist that has done some of the more intricate work on recent USDGC rocks - starting with the 08 spectator...not a local, but he has an account and has posted here...

        I'd add that of the people I've met, are on the board, and I haven't been able to shoot a round with it would be Haggerty, Over the Hill Bob, Sillybiz and whoever stole the little gnome mascot from Team Disc Golf.

        Who needs rules indeed!

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          From this forum? Dion, Sexton and Coury Coutes.

          Anyone period? Robbie Bratten, Gregg Barsby and Steve Rico.
          "Honest work is for the downtrodden and the Polish"
          Cleveland Brown


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            Gotta have this guy:
            The Corporate Empire is NOT a Constitutional Republic...
            ...but it plays one on TV.


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              My dream group of four is the group I am with on the course at that given moment, really.
              educate your thinking


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                Originally posted by Adam Schneider View Post
                Sam, Brian, Ol' Bob, & Wes Hansen. Steal their bags so they can't play disc golf and have to interact with each other instead. Cordon off the area. Run like hell.
                Finally, a foursome where I get to be the best golfer!


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