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    Today at Dalaiwood doubles we decided to mix things up and play a game other than best shot doubles. It was a lot of fun and thought everyone should know about it and anyone else that knows about a fun game to play should post it here too. I'll start with my two favorite games outside of best shot.

    1. 3 Headed monster- Teams of three. Everyone drives every hole and you pick a drive. From the drive, the two people's whos drive it isn't finish out the hole. The tricky part is that each team member must take 3 drives so that everyone has an even 6 drives on an 18 hole course. It's a lot of fun and it's more challenging than it seems, especially towards the end. (This is what we played at doubles today)

    2. Tailgating- Teams of two. Basically playing best shot but the catch is that the second team member must have their disc out of their hand before the first thrower's disc touches the ground. If the first players disc hits the ground before the second players disc is released, then you must take the worse drive. I think this game is even more fun and interesting, especially on a tightly wooded course. (I got a tailgating ace, being the tailgater!)

    Post some other games so everyone can go out and try them!
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    Tailgating ace, that is way cool!
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      Tailgating sounds cool, I can't wait to try this.

      We like to play a version of doubles/singles. You keep individual scores but play partners, however you flip for new partners every 3-5 holes. Often we play the last 5 holes strictly as singles. The format changes based on how many are playing. This game works well for a smaller group 4-8 players.


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        "Wolf" is the funnest game with five players. I hope the rules are clearly written down somewhere and someone cuts and pastes it in here. I have a Lazy Man's Pass today.

        Tailgating sounds cool, especially because I don't do a run-up.
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          That 3-Headed Monster looks interesting. As a slight modification, after determining the best second throw, the player of the two whose throw is not used is the only one who makes the third throw. If the disc still isn't in the hole, you continue with a 3-way alternate shot format until holing out with the person whose drive was used making the fourth throw, the one who threw second makes the fifth throw etc. rotating until holing out.


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            My buddy Pete and I came up with this one:

            Best Drive

            1. All members of group drive.
            2. The disc that is CTP is the best drive (close but in the rough-still best disc)
            3. Ties go to better lie
            4. All members of group take their second shot from the best disc (We usually don't worry about order but let the best disc owner shoot last so they can pick up their disc)
            5. All subsequent throws are from each player's own disc. So it's like the whole group is one doubles team for the drive and then separate from there.

            Try this sometime when you are in a hurry and you will be amazed at how fast the round goes (1 hour for 2 of us at SeaTac!)

            We play it because: a. great way to blow through a new course and check it out for a individual second round; b. driving practice- no consequence if you try something experimental, your second shot will be the same as everyone else's; c. serious mid and putt practice.

            Skins works well with this format and keeps everyone in the game.

            Bonus: Consecutive best drives should be rewarded. One killer prize is the Universal Mulligan- any shot, any hole- valuable for skins. Three best drives is good for 4 players but try 4 or 5 in a twosome- make it doable but worth the prize.
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