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  • Favorite Moments from 2009

    Alright! Lets hear them, what was your favorite moment(s) from the 2009 season? There have got to be some pretty amazing/special/personally satisying times from 09!

    I've had a very exciting season, and got to play 25 events! Here are the top 5 that come to mind:

    1.) Rooting on Nate at the World Championships and watching the pdga page load after the last round and seeing Nate had taken 5th! I ran around my house screeming. Side note, seeing Avery win was pretty rad too.

    2.) Putting together four solid rounds at the USDGC, making the distance finals and getting to throw in front of the big crowd over the lake, and winning a mach v portable for playing the highest over my rating. My new tagline for South Carolina is, "Rock Hill, where all your disc golf dreams come true!"

    3.) Running the Willamette Open! I was only a portion of the team that made this tournament happen, WDGC Club is the best! Getting to see a course I designed get the best of some golfers, hehe...

    4.) Coming back from a three stroke disperity with two holes to play by deucing safari hole 16-17 at Whistlers with a HUGE putt and then birdying 18 to beat the 5th best player in the world.

    5.) Finally reaching four digits!
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    I think my favorite moment has to be pulling off a 1021 rated 61 at Blue Valley during Worlds. While it wasn't my highest rated round, I do think it was the best full round of golf I've ever played.

    Also, I agree with Dion... seeing Nate finish 5th at Worlds was pretty cool.
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      Hmmm excellent thread idea....

      1. Winning Eugene Celebration MA2 in sudden death, parking that uphill safari with some good people to witnesses it.
      2. Running the ODDGC, breaking every record possible in ODDGA's 6 year history. Getting Keen, Kavu, DGO, Huklab, CALAPOOIA BREWING, Dave Feldberg, Jim Nims, Gorilla Boy to sponsor the event and elevate the experience for the participants to a whole new level.
      3. Becoming president of DDGA and pushing DDGA to the next level. Pushing out newsletters for the first time in 10 years, breaking current membership numbers, helped break nationals # of players record, and got DDGA in the PDGA mag! *still working on closed captioning....
      4. Got a Disc Golf course in the ground! Jerry Miller DGC @ Camp Taloali! Yeah! This took alot of breaking down thick heads and defeating negative attitudes and convincing them it could be done, and much faster and cheaper than they thought... Then hosting the grand opening with a new record breaking number of players for an ODDGA tournament at 36 players *equivlanet of maybe 300 hearing players?* and hearing everyone love the new course and excited for it's future.
      5. Helping other fellow rookies and pros experience wonderful things in disc golf; whether it be help them improve their game, give them new discs, or help them go to USDGC
      6. Rooting for NW'erns during Worlds and USDGC was cool too


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        The Mariners winning the World Series! We waited a long time for that one.
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          1. Playing in the World Championships with my wife as my caddy.
          2. Playing probably my best round ever at Thornfield . Matching my score to the pro's that played right after me. My round would have been a 1027.
          3. Playing Water Works and getting to play the first couple of holes with Nate Doss and Avery Jenkins. Avery Jenkins hit the bucket dead center a few inches low. This is a 500 foot down hill toss with trees on both sides of the fairway.
          4. Giving out and recieving some of the best trophies I"ve ever seen. Thank you Mic and Scotty Richardson
          5. Watching Braden now six getting better and better. Still amazes me that he has all the throws down already. Left , right, sidearm, rollers forehand and backhand, all of which with either hand.


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            09' was definitely a great disc golf year for me.

            My highlights.

            1. Ending a 4 month completely self imposed disc golf hiatus healing my arm, realizing that I hadn't forgotten how to play and furthermore I was able to play for the first time in 2 years without shoulder pain.

            2. Winning my first PDGA tournament, MA2 at the Bad Monkey Open. Then moving up to MA1 for Calapooia

            3. Winning my college campus 4th annual, $2 dollar buy-in "4/20 High-release Classic"

            All ready for 2010.
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              The best highlights of the year to me was every time in 09 that a new course went in the ground in Oregon. I hope this pace keeps up for 2010 and look forward to seeing us break 100 courses in the ground in Oregon. We have come a long way in the last 30 years. This Septmeber 17th 2010 will be Rockwoods 30th birthday the first course to go in the ground in Oregon and now we are almost at 70 courses.
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                1. winning advanced at the furn burn.
                2. getting an ace at terrace creek dubs for $928.
                3. getting an ace at terrace creek dubs for $300.


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                  Disk Golf Quest 1.0 (DGQ 1.0)

                  This past summer 6 friends and I did a small 3 day tour to visit some of our favorite courses. We started at Whistler's Bend in Roseburg where we occupied both yurts, grilled up some fatty steaks and played night golf. Next we went to Mt. Bachelor where we played the Alipne course during the day, grilled up some burgers and brats for dinner, and played the Nordic course at night. Next we played Timber and Milo back to back before heading up to Hood River for a rafting trip down the White Salmon river. That trip was my favorite DG related moment from 2009.

                  DGQ 2.0 is slated for sometime in the summer of 2010. Courses YTBD.


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                    Final 9 at Seatac's Jet Wash Open....

                    Shooting a 29, making up 4 strokes, and a 50' jumper on the final hole for the WIN!!!!!
                    I smile everytime I think about it!
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                      1. The birth of daughter Isabelle Leelu!
                      2. Watching the growth of Devon and realizing that he is going to be more out of control than I was as a kid!
                      3. Getting to see the growth and success of the Dalaiwood golf crew (Nathan, Evan, Kyle, Rick B, Mike H, Kenny B) and wondering how much longer I will have before they are all crushing me...
                      4. Getting Dion on Team Discraft and then watching him tear up everything he enters, especially USDGC. The best part is watching him do it humbly, with class and still finding time to do stuff for the growth of the sport!
                      5. Winning the FSO supertour and then going to KC and placing in the top ten in Pro Masters for the 5th time in seven years. Each year I get older and more young Masters move in so I keep felling better and better about that accomplishment.

                      Have a great 2010!
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                        Originally posted by aaron View Post
                        1. winning advanced at the furn burn.
                        2. getting an ace at terrace creek dubs for $928.
                        3. getting an ace at terrace creek dubs for $300.
                        Playing disc golf with my parents
                        Playing a whole bunch of new courses
                        Lake Stevens Doubles every Monday
                        Finally reaching a 300 foot drive
                        Watching Aaron hit the ace for $928
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                          Finally hitting my first ace in league play.
                          Coming in Second overall for Lunchtime League.
                          Tied for 4th in the BSF (MA2)
                          Shot a 966 rated round. (In the BSF)
                          Realizing I had grown more as a player this year than I had in the last 4.
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                            Starting to play more seriously.
                            Playing in my first league (Lunchtime League)
                            Playing in my first tournament (BMO)
                            Starting the Disc Golf Club at WOU
                            Driving 423 feet.
                            Getting my first ace.
                            Finally feeling like I am a good disc golfer and have potential to get much better.
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                              [QUOTE=Joshua Olmsted;47156]3. Winning my college campus 4th annual, $2 dollar buy-in "4/20 High-release Classic" QUOTE]

                              too bad 2010 is mine


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