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  • Austin TX road trip- Course Recommendations?

    Hi All,

    I know this is a NW disc golf forum, but I hope some of you can tell me the best DG courses in Austin Texas to play. I've got a disc golf vacation planned and would appreciate if you can suggest a few "must play" courses? I've looked over the DG course review, but I'm feeling a bit at a loss- since there are so many courses. I've got about four days to play my heart out! Thanks in advance for any suggestions

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    Will of Doom is from Austin, Im sure he can give you some hints once you get down there
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      John Houck's place south of Austin is pretty sweet...2 18 hole courses which are both crazy good and its the home of Millenium plastic
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        When I was there, there were 3 courses I played. Excuse me if I don't get the names correct.

        1. Pea's Park
        2. Sea Bright (a little south of the City)
        3. ??? Begins with the letter M.. It is closer to the Airport. Nice grassy
        park. Kind of like Leverich.

        All are 18 holes with baskets. I would play them all.

        4. I didn't play the John Houck course. I believe it is a long drive. I would have played it if it were closer to Austin.



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          Pease Park. This is the must park in Austin
          Circle C. Ranch This a close second.
          Mary Moore Searight park.
          Bartholomew Park

          All 4 are 18 holes and very fun.

          Here's a map to help out.

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            I'll talk to a buddy down there and see if it's ok for me to give you his number. I'm sure he'd love the company. Just like me He started playing golf down in Austin and knows all the courses.
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              I've seen some Austin guy's talk about Manor as being one of the good ones...I'm guessing its this one that's technically called East Metro Park.
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                that's east manor and pease park from what i hear is closed for the season...


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                  Originally posted by snap7times View Post
                  that's east manor and pease park from what i hear is closed for the season...
                  That's a first. I've never heard of it being closed but I haven't lived there for almost 5 years now. Really sucks. Such a fun park. Got my first ace there back in '03.
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                    ummm simply youtube search pease park disc golf... was all over the news a month or so ago... not sure what happened for sure but from what it looked like, they were closing it down for a season or something.. tree hippies protesting disc golfers or something..


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                      Thanks Everyone!

                      I think I know which courses to play, thanks to your suggestions. Will of Doom, send me a PM if your pal in Austin wants to play a round or will be midweek Monday through Thursday, January 25-28th.
                      many thanks for the input. Happy new year.


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