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  • Liar liar pants on fire

    From the ol' news wire, dateline Colorado Springs:

    Disc golf story in Tuesday's paper was a fabrication
    The disc golf story that ran on B1 in Tuesday’s paper was a fabrication by the subject, Daniel Carlile, 17.
    Carlile, who is out of town, admitted via the telephone to The Gazette and to his family that he did not advance to any national or world tournaments, as indicated in the article, and that he had a trophy made as part of the deception.

    Carlile had fooled his family, which contacted The Gazette suggesting a story on his accomplishments. After talking to Carlile and two family members, The Gazette ran the story along with a photo. We regret our part in the fabrication.

    Jim O’Connell
    Sports editor

    Wish we could see the original article...
    Oregon disc golf map

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    What a douche...
    Sometimes my mind boggles. It's so deep my mind actually boggles.

    ~ Cyndi Lauper ~


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      I liked the Google ads below the story.

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        Originally posted by Adam Schneider View Post
        From the ol' news wire, dateline Colorado Springs:

        Disc golf story in Tuesday's paper was a fabrication

        Wish we could see the original article...

        Nice work there Bob Stephens Ever hear of fact checking?
        You think a couple of actual pdga members called Bob? And invited to an OPEN tourney? I don't think your name is even Bob, but you just picked it
        because Richard was too hard to spell

        Daniel Carlile enjoyed a meteoric rise after committing a gaffe in his first disc golf tournament.

        “I called it Frisbee golf and got corrected for it,” said Carlile, a senior at Civa Charter School in Colorado Springs.

        After playing for just a year, the 17-year-old Carlile qualified for the spring regional tournament in Fort Collins and won the adult division. He also won the summer state competition in Denver and took third at nationals in Seattle, both in the adult division.

        He dropped down to the youth division in the world tournament in Kansas City early this month and won.

        “Worlds was exciting, but the best experience and the best trophy I got was taking third at nationals,” Carlile said.

        “The atmosphere was better at nationals. I was nervous in Seattle; it was my first out-of-state competition and I had no perspective on what it would be like. It was definitely overwhelming till a couple of locals hooked me up with some dank dub."

        “It was easier at Kansas City because I was going against people younger than me or my age. It’s definitely more difficult against adults, mostly college-age guys.”

        Carlile said disc golf courses are nine or 18 holes, mostly with par-3s that are 300-400 feet long. The hole is completed when a player’s disc enters the target, typically a cage with chains and a basket underneath.

        “I can accurately throw it about 300 feet,” said the 5-foot-8, 110-pound Carlile. “The world distance record is 820 feet. It’s more about technique than strength.”

        Carlile said his technique remains a work in progress. He hopes his career is just beginning and has a goal of attracting a sponsor.

        Although the season typically lasts from March to September, Carlile harbored hopes of being invited to an open tournament.

        He intends to attend UCCS next year and study psychiatry, perhaps to gain a mental edge on future opponents.
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          hahaha, "third at nationals in Seattle." Wow, talk about lack of promotion for a tournament!

          Intends to study psychiatry, eh? Perhaps focusing on pathological behavior?
          Untwist thine undergarments, 'tis but a Frisbee.


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            I'd like to see this homemade trophy. I wonder how much airplane model glue was used...

            "one for you, and one for me...sssssnnnniiiiiffffffffffffffffffff...ahhhh yeah, third at Nats..."
            The only thing miraculous about ICP is the fact that their children look like them...


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              I did Google for the original story, but when I clicked the link, the article had been removed...
              Oregon disc golf map


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                You know we've made it when 17 yr old kids are lying about being good at the sport.

                We have arrived!!!


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                  Originally posted by Sean Phillips View Post
                  You know we've made it when 17 yr old kids are lying about being good at the sport.

                  We have arrived!!!
                  Nah, he just picked something so obscure he figured nobody would check up on it. I bet this guy has a homemade curling trophy, too.


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                    That is awesome
                    Read this ^


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                      Yeah, and no cached version - OMG, he's got GOOGLE hacked TOO!

                      Originally posted by Adam Schneider View Post
                      I did Google for the original story, but when I clicked the link, the article had been removed...


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                        Well now I can get to Google's cached article... probably not for long though.

                        Oregon disc golf map


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                          Wow. Fact checking.

                          Not only did this kid not win at Worlds, he didn't even compete there. He's not even a member of the PDGA. There were two PDGA tournaments in Ft. Collins last spring, and this kid wasn't in either of those.

                          About the only thing the writer got correct is that Worlds was in Kansas City this year. Lucky guess, I suppose.


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                            I've played against a cheater and a liar for years (we have a long running family/extended family/now a bunch of people we don't know tournie, definitely not pdga sanctioned), she's been cheating since we were playing in the kids division...our parents just shrugged it off as kid type nonsense, and then she tried to cheat her way into the women's division against a woman who was playing for her last time with a debilating lung disorder similar to emphysema which caused her to take 8+ hourse to complete her final round on blows my mind this kind of wicked, nasty and completely bizarrely pathological behavior. I couldn't imagine lying about my score or accomplishments especially trying to steal a trophy from someone who would never be able to golf again, most likely...of course people are going to find out, and also, how can you feel good about it? It's only sweet if it's real and true...Finally I kicked her butt so bad in a leader's round that she dropped out midway threw the round and hasn't been a problem since...
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                              I wanna punch that Daniel kid in the face...
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