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    I think it should be based on score and time, not just time. I'd like to develop a rating system for courses that could help determine the value of each stroke in terms of seconds. For example, factors would include.

    1. Length of Course (Raw Feet + Walk Outs)
    2. Change in Elevation (How many hills and what not)
    3. SSA (The average 1000 rated round for the course)
    4. Average speed to jog the course without a disc (Running from teepad to basket and so on)

    That way, whatever your time (Running time + value of seconds per stroke) is your score for the course.

    The basic rules I follow are:

    1. Time starts once the first throw is realesed, Time stops when the disc comes to rest in the basket on the final hole.

    2. Three disc maximum.

    3. All PDGA rules regarding stance and other general issues of play must be adhered to (NO FALLING PUTTS, OB and Mandos must be observed).

    I have put some thought into it, maybe at some Adair tournaments next year we can try something like this out...
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      For me it would be kahwaizie. I hate to think of all the people who drop dead on those treadmills in hospitals. It's happened to people I know. I too will still run for the disc I moroned in the fern two holes back. That would be a hell of a way to go, and 'splainin' that to ol' St. Pete would be hard on my ego. Speed kills.
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