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  • Throwing injury?

    Yesterday while trying to crush a huge roller, I think I pulled a tricep or something. There was an intense shooting pain on the underside of my upper arm when I threw. I tried throwing a couple times after that and the result was no power and sharp pain. It was even too painful to throw forehand or left handed. Woke up this morning and it's still sore. Especially if I try to pick anything up with my right hand.

    I've never suffered an injury of this kind before. Anyone familiar with this kind of thing? I'm hoping it will heal with a couple days of rest, ice and ibuprofen.

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    Couple of years back walking off Pier I attempted a hard tomahawk and felt that sharp tearing pain. When I woke up next morning my arm was bruised from the arm pit to the elbow. I took a few days off, but even throwing soft it hurt like hell, after seeing my doc the right arm was done for a month; then another two regaining strength. I highly recommend checking it softly in a few days, but if it hurts in any way shape or form it might be time to start working on that left handed game for a while. Don't rush it Eric, you don't want to possibly do, or continue, any damage that may promote not healing, or healing wrong. If you have insurance you might want to see your doc and get a professional opinion. But bottom line it may hurt to not play for a while, or to embarrass yourself throwing lefty, but it will mean more and better DG for years to come.
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      Originally posted by Eric Olson
      Anyone familiar with this kind of thing?
      Yes. It is what happens to weak little girls when they throw.



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        Originally posted by dan
        ...what happens to weak little girls when they throw.
        Geezers too.
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          I stayed off the arm for almost three weeks before I couldn't resist any longer. It now takes me about half an hour of throwing full power teeshots before my arm is loosened up enough to give me anything close to the length I had been used to throwing, and for the stiffness and soreness to subside.

          On the bright side, trying to learn to throw lefthanded while I was injured was educational.


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            Eric, welcome to the old farts club, now you'll have to add a half hour of stretching and catch before you throw a shot. Oh and the advil club called and you're already behind in dues. Find a good vicadin connection and you'll be alright.
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