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  • Mason County Disc Golf needs your help (maybe)...

    For those of you who don't know, there is a Disc Golf Club in Mason County, WA. We are 34 members (and growing) strong, and have no established course (yet). I have to say, we have a dedicated bunch.

    Currently we play at Lake Isabella State Park, where there is "trial" object course. The Club brings out baskets for Doubles held on Monday night (5.30ish).

    We just had another meeting with officials from the City of Shelton about a Course at a proposed site. The few objections to the proposition didn't seem to be enough to prevent moving forward. So...

    The City, and Mason County Disc Golf, would like to formalize a written agreement concerning the proposed Course. I've talked to some of the other Clubs in our area (Olympia, West Sound etc.) about getting a copy of their agreements with Parks Dept's to use as templates, but most have worked off of "verbal" agreements. Knowing that this site is regionally far-reaching, I'm hoping that some one could help get a copy of an agreement that a Club has with a Park Dept. concerning use of area, level of maintenance and the such.

    Thank you,
    Kevin Gerlich
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