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  • ND State Championships Sept 5/6th Anyone??

    Hey Everyone,
    I just wanted to see if anyone out there would like to go to the ND State Championships with me next weekend. (Between Lava Launch and Eugene Celebration). I've been offered a place to stay with Darrell Nodland who is currently rated #2 in the World (above Climo, Jenkins, Doss and Feldberg).

    We would be leaving on Tuesday or Wednesday next week at returning by the following Wednesday.

    I figure it is a 2 day drive and we would be camping in Montana on the way to and from. If this sounds like something you would be interested in drop me a line. I can fit 2-3 more people in the Outback. The more riders we get the cheaper it will ultimately be.

    2 people= $100 each in gas
    3 people= $75 each
    4 people= $5 each

    There is $10,000, YES I SAID TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS!!! Added cash to this event. It is sure to be an awesome payout and a great weekend.

    The course is a huge bomber course at more then 7,000ft and is designed by Darrell Nodland himself.

    Hit me up and let's talk. I've never played in North Dakota and I think this is a great opportunity to meet Darrell. Peace

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    That sounds like a good trip. If I were all healed up I'd give it some serious thought. That's for offering. Keep posting these opertunities in the future. I'm sure i'll join you one one next year.


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