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  • Disc Golf Mini Games

    This may be a thread somewhere on the site, but I figured we need some new traffic since things went quiet.

    What are some disc golf mini games you like to play?

    Just like Horse in basketball, but with putters.

    Set up everyone around a basket can keep putting until only one person is left making the basket.

    Innova disc golf card game you play while you play a round. Cards can be used against players in your group to make them throw differently, use a mini, repeat your throw, etc.

    Play from the worst lie in your doubles team. (Remember: it is all in fun.)

    Best played with people you know well. You and your friend go through each others' bags and choose one disc to kidnap. (This works well if you pick your friend's favorite disc.) You must beat your opponent either in match or stroke play to pay the ransom and get the disc back. If you win, you also get to keep your opponent's disc. This can really improve or mess up a person's game as they try hard to retrieve their kidnapped disc.
    An alternative can be done in tournament play as the TD requests one disc from your bag after a first or second round and you must either match or improve on your previous round score to pay the ransom on your disc. Discs of players that could not pay the ransom could be donated or be used as prizes for those that did pay the ransom. In lieu of that you could pay out scrip or other discs to those that could pay the ransom.

    The players in your party decide what discs you can use on the round. You can play 3-disc and pick a putter, mid, and driver for your opponent to use out of their bag. How badly do you want to hurt your competitors when it may just come back to bite you when they choose your 3 discs.

    This is more of a useful practice game. Challenge someone to CTP from 100', 150', 200' out to improve your approach throws. Use a points system to note Aces = 5 points, Hit Metal = 2 points, Land inside 15' = 1 point.

    I know there are many more that I can't remember OR that I want to type out right now.
    Disc golf ruined my life.
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