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  • Want to play DG but have back injury

    Hi, my name is Troy. I live In Kennewick wa and there are some disc gold courses here. Ive always wanted to play but have never got around to it. Right when I was gonna go get some discs and start, my back got hurt at work (feb. 2013). I have 2 protruding discs in my lower back, s1-l5, l4-l5 that pushes against the nerver for my left leg. What im wanting to know is if there is was to throw the disc that wont have to use torso rotation during driving ect...? So dude that is a friend of a friend type deal said I shouldnt even start cause the only really way to throw it requires alot of torso rotation but I have a feeling that isnt fully true. Im not looking to really compete in competitions, just to go out and play for fun and meet some people. I do realize that there is gonna be a limiting factor with my injury but, I figured since im new, im not haveing to re learn anything so itll be the same as learning it the "traditional " way. Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    wait until your back has healed. If you don't, you could do some major damage. I know from personal experience, and yes throwing plastic for controlled distance requires ALOT of torso rotation. get on youtube, watch some of the pro-players, you will see for yourself...
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      You can have moderate success throwing sidearm with a standstill approach. You won't ever achieve the distance you could with backhand and accuracy may be a little tougher to achieve, but at least you'll be doing something that resembles disc golf.

      But seriously, take Mikk's advice. Relax your back. You only get one.


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        Not exactly what I was wantig to hear but, thats life I guess. They are saying the injury will be for the rest of my life which doesnt make me too happy. Im not really looking to be a pro and what not. Just wanting to have something else to do when I have free time and when I go on vacations, I can go play on new courses. Twisting isnt really wha hurts, Iits the compression of my spine. I do know that the twisting of the torso is a big part of getting distance but thats not really an option for my right now due to reducing the risk of further injury. I was just trying to hear some ideas so I can still go out and have some fun.


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          Take the break.

          If you HAVE to do something you can practice putting.

          If that isn't enough you might be able to get an ultralight and just sidearm.

          But really... just take the break. Your future self with thank you.
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