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    Im breaking in a putter this season, a new soft magnet to accompany my long range putter/upshot disc were im using a soft gumputt-er. A new dx ROC to accent my 2 well beat in dx rocs for short drives and long upshots.2 sidewinders and a roadrunner along with my FAVORITE DISC, an old 10 time KC pro Eagle help my turnover/anhyzerneeds. For over stable drivers i have 2 well thrown Orcs and 1 new NIRDGC charter member glo orc. They share time w/2 heavy Boss's when i need to go as far as i can. And then there a new whippet X that im trying to breakin to become a thumber/tomahawk disc to accent my current thumber disc a well warn dx gazzelle.
    Last weekend i spruced up and brought out my pull "CART" for the N Mltdn tourney. It did me fabulously, as i didn't have to lug around 20 lbs of my shis for 3 long hot rounds Masters golf!!


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      My view on why people choose all Discraft is ...

      For the same reason some people dye their hair purple and get a Mohawk. They want to be different. It gives them a talking point and an interesting fact about themselves. People get comfortable being molded certain ways in people's minds and they want to stay there. If they can get discs that do what they want AND be outside the mold, then perfect! I like to be different, but not for the sake of being different. If the most common discs fly better for me then I will use them.

      For my throw, Discraft doesn't work well as a whole. I can get a wraith way farther than I can an Avenger. But I have seen pros throw the Avenger over 400 ft easily. The same thing with a surge. I throw it very poorly, The only discs from DC that I can throw well are already in my bag (except the Buzzzz, which I took out to trade someone for an R-Pro Boss, but I LOVE the Buzzzz). So anyways, that's how I see it.


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        Well for me B, all DISCRAFT, it's about simplicity. Lets face it, there are hundreds of molds out there, in fact so many that if a person decided to try everything they would master nothing. I throw 6 molds, and carry only 9 discs. Heck there are Discraft molds out there I've never thrown, or care to, really. I prefer to really get to know the molds I throw, and not buy into the corporate hype that assures me every few months that this new disc will solve all my problems. I mean I've had one Buzzz in my bag for the last 3 seasons, if I jumped on the bandwagon everytime it came around I wouldn't know how to have that disc dance towards the basket with such beauty. For me this game is an escape from the pressures of the daily grind, not part of it. Plus I save lots of cash not having to buy a new disc every GD week.
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          well, not being a smoker or much of a drinker, I find that the money that would usually be spent on cigs, alcohol, drugs etc, gets spent on discs, boy do I have plenty of money in that budget heh... yes i'm encouraging less cigs, alcohol and drugs, i'm a horrible person arent I? so taboo... pflt...


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            I carry so many versions of the same discs because I love to have a replacement immediately if I lose one and I've thrown them all so many times that I love having a new, semi-new and beat version. I believe the Flash, Stratus and Stalker are going to be the last new drivers I buy. Then I'll have two versions of every disc I own. After that I'll only buy what I lose or if I find a disc that is a better version of a disc I already love.
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              It is very true that learning the discs you throw and sticking with them is very important. If I ever do get a new disc to put in my bag I only do 1 at a time usually. Right now I have a DGA Squall and an R-Pro Boss AND a Groove that I am testing out. That just basically means I will be carrying them for months before I get enough occasions that I don't' care what happens so i can test the discs. But as a whole I just use the discs I know and love.


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                Man... show up for your round at Pier 10 minutes early and throw the crap out of those discs back and forth across the field. It doesn't take many throws to really see what a disc does. Learning it on the other hand is another matter altogether.
                ďI believe I can hit 18 greens, hit every fairway, you know ó Vision 54, which means you birdie every hole, thatís in the back of my mind. I want to putt better, chip better. That day when I hit 18 greens and one putt, Iíll know Iím a complete golfer. Will that ever happen? Iím not sure, but itís possible. The 54 vision is always in the back of my mind.Ē
                ~Annika SŲrenstam


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                  Revolution Carolina Bag
                  (Peach Snapple, a Utensil, and a Huk Lab Mini packed full of party supplies.)

                  160 Champion Orc (Main Driver)
                  175 Champion Orc
                  172 Pro Line Beast (Willing to trade, not special to me)
                  175 Champion Starfire
                  166 Champion Firebird
                  175 Champion Sidewinder (Rollers and straight shots)
                  169 Champion Roadrunner (Right Turning Backhand Rollers)
                  171 Champion Roadrunner (Right Turning Backhand Rollers)
                  170 Star Roadrunner (Left Turning Backhand Rollers)
                  175 Star Tee Rex (Super Overstable, Hole 4 at Leverich)
                  165 Z XL
                  176 Champion Tee Bird (Predictable Hyzers)
                  172 Star Leopard (Stable to overstable upshots)
                  163 Star Stingray (Understable upshots)
                  175 Star Aviar Driver (Putting in the wind, Predictable Upshots)
                  150 Star Aviar (My go-to putter)

                  164 Z Glide (Tryin' some Discraft! With a sweet Obama Dye! Can't wait for it to arrive! I gotta go check the Mail...)


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                    Let's see here:

                    2 - Swirl APX (one for throwing, one for putting)
                    1- Soft Banger GT (for the straight approach up to 200)
                    1- FLX Challeneger (for the hyzer approach)
                    1- X Stratus (in the bag since '97, best turnover disc ever)
                    1- ESP Comet (for the longer, more gradual turnover)
                    1- Z Buzzz SS (The best straight mid ever made)
                    1- ESP Buzzz (The mid that everyone needs to try and own)
                    1- DGA Aftershock (Ooh, the touch more overstable mid that is awesome)
                    1- ESP Torque (Even more overstable, but not too crazy)
                    1- Z XL (Other disc in the bag since '97. The most controllable driver ever)
                    1- Z Tracker (the fast XL, better into the wind)
                    1- ESP Flash (If there is the room for the full flight, my longest driver)
                    2- ESP Surges (My money open distance driver, the second is in case of loss)
                    2- ESP Forces (My big hyzer driver, again, second in case of loss)
                    1- ESP Venom (Forehands and long overhands)
                    1- Z Flick (Spike hyzers, forehands and forehand rollers)

                    Other stuff that goes in for special situations:

                    ESP/Z Avenger SS-for long turnover drives and rollers
                    Z Crush- same as above
                    X Cyclone - For throwllers
                    FLX/Z Drone - For windy conditions
                    Sparkle Z DGA Shockwave - For the wind

                    And for Brian, maybe the reason you throw the Discraft discs poorly is that you haven't given them enough time. I know that when I put an XL in a lot of folks hands they are awful with it and have no idea how it can be considered a control disc. Then after working with it and learning it, they find out that with less effort than other drivers take they are throwing the XL and being able to have great control. Give some discs (Avenger, Surge, etc) more of a learning curve and you may be surprised.

                    Scott Papa
                    Team Discraft
                    Instructional Editor DiscGolfer Magazine


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                      Scott, I go to a field occasionally just to throw about 60 discs. I have a few surges and I just have had no luck getting them over 300 feet. The Avenger I get further than that, but not as far as a comparable Wraith. I like the feel of the surge and the avenger. they release well and are predictable. I would be happy to have you show me how to throw them if we meet up sometime


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                        1-ESP FORCE (forhands and big heizers)
                        1-ESP PULSE (forehands)
                        1-ESP SURGE (long distance)
                        2-ESP FLASH
                        1-Z STALKER
                        1-Z XL
                        1-X STRATUS

                        1-D ZONE
                        1-ESP BUZZZ
                        1-Z BUZZZ SS
                        1-ESP COMET

                        1-FLX CHALLENGER
                        1-X SOFT CHALLENGER
                        1-D BANGER GT (forehands only)
                        2-X SOFT APX
                        1-SWIRL APX (putting only)
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                          Well, since I'm not caught up in the R-Pro madness, there really isn't anything new for me to carry around and test, so my bag is fairly lean and mean.
                          My usual bag for Seatac and Lakewood right now includes:

                          175 Champion Valkyrie- meat and taters backhand driver, predictable 'S' flight pattern, great into a head wind.
                          161 Star Valkyrie- ruler flat top, more stable than the max weight but more sensitive to nose angle. Goes long and straight when throw just above the deck.
                          175 Star Wraith- Spike hyzer and skip hyzer king.
                          150 Dx Beast- Goes farther backhand, with a following wind, than anything else I carry.
                          141 KC Pro Gazelle- The one in Champion plastic. This is my best thumber disc, great for uphill, or shots up and over trees, like a flop shot in ball golf, it comes down on edge, bounces once, then sticks.
                          124 Raging Inferno DT Ultralight- Nike plastic has better grip and feel than ANYTHING in the industry, more discs should be molded in this stuff, bring on the swoosh discs! This is a utility disc for me. The hardest shot on my body is a hard backhand pull from a limited stance, like when you are right behind a tree, or must shoot from a kneeling position, when any runup is not possible.
                          I can accelerate a superlight disc must quicker than I can a heavyweight, so this little disc gets me up and down from trouble much easier than the rest.

                          167 Starlight Boss- Awesome.
                          Where do I start. Thanks Dave for making this stabilized temptress.
                          The Starlight formula is truly groundbreaking. I am so eagerly awaiting the Starlight Destroyers.
                          This is my go to forehand driver now, when I throw it well, it flies farther than anything else I can throw by 20-50', I also like the way it finishes hard, sometimes I can pinch an extra 15 or 20 feet from the roll. I also use it now for big forehand hyzer drives with a cross wind.
                          It does take some practice to throw it well though. Some days it feels like my other hand is throwing it, I just cant make it work well, that's why I also carry a
                          172 Star Xcaliber- more predictable than the Boss, and easier for me to throw, it always feels comfortable resting on my first finger.This is the one I would throw blindfolded on a bar bet.
                          170 Star Destroyer- Straight long range upshots, used to be my best forehander, still has tremendous glide for its speed, but I turn it over now, thats why I'm drooling over the new stabilized version that Daves coming out with. Bring it.
                          168 Star Monarch- Used to hate it, now I love it, it truly is the best disc for me for long anhyzer shots that I need to carry the line until the bitter end, with no final fade.
                          And finally, my
                          150 Star Valkyrie- The world famous Lavaputter, nobody could steal this disc and say its thiers, everybody knows I own the one and only, and it's my dye job. See avatar.


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                            Revolution Carolina Bag

                            175 old school soft bullet XD ( Turn over putter shots )
                            172-174 Cryztal Z Challenger ( Stable putter approach & Anhyzer float flick )
                            175 Hard extreme bead Wizard ( Main approach putter )
                            175 old school Grid Avair ( Main putter )
                            175 Ring Stamp Gator ( ultimate short range utility disc! )
                            170 ProLine Gremlin ( Great original Champion/CE plastic! Straight midrange)

                            175 CFR Glow Fibrid X ( main utility disc, super overstable )
                            175 Champion Roadrunner ( natural left turning with a hyzer finish, LHBH )
                            172 Champion Roadrunner ( extreme hyzer flip )
                            175 1st Run Star Xcaliber ( Long range hyzer flick shots )
                            175 Star Wraith ( very beat, super straight with hyzer finish )
                            175 1st Run USDGC Champion Boss ( Forced S flick shots )
                            175 1st Run Star Destroyer ( Main long range LHBH )

                            175 CFR Glow Teebird T ( Hyzer fairway driver )
                            172 ProLine Barstamp Leopard ( Hyzer flip fairway driver )
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                              172 First Run Xcal
                              173 Champion Boss
                              172 Star Destroyer
                              170 Star Destroyer
                              171 Riot
                              175 Champion Monarch
                              175 Cryztal Avenger SS
                              175 7x KC Pro Whippet
                              174 11x KC Pro Whippet
                              171 Star Teebird
                              174 Champion Teebird
                              175 Star Teerex
                              174 Star Teerex
                              172 2007 CFR Wraith
                              172 Champion Orc
                              177 10x Gazelle

                              177 Full Color Buzzz
                              176 Full Color Buzzz
                              180 'Flat Top' Roc
                              175 Star Spider
                              168 Pro Line Spider
                              175 Star Aviar
                              172 Pro Pig
                              2x 175 Dx Aviars


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