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  • Newbie player packs (for free)

    I have many many discs that I will NEVER use. I give lots of discs out but I can't keep up with how many come in. So I want to make some newbies happy with discs that I didn't buy, but people have told me to keep or never returned my call when I told them I had the discs.

    So here are the criteria I use when handing out free discs.

    1. First thing I look for is are they characterized by being a moocher or an abuser of other people's property. You know the kind that don't bother even looking for your disc when they drop it in a thick bush .. I mean why would they care, it's not theirs right? I don't like people like that.

    2. If not a moocher and they want to go out DGing the first time I let them use some of my discs.

    3. Second time they go out I give them a midrange like a Roc or something they can upshot and putt with.

    4. If they enjoy the disc and decide to go out more often after a couple more times I will get them a set-up: driver like a beast or something understable, midrange like a DX roc or the like, and a putter of some sort, although I am usually short on putters because not many of them get lost in the swamp.

    5. Then after they play with that for a while and learn their throw I will get them the entire package from over-stable to under-stable discs and so forth.

    So, that being said .. I have lots of other people's discs that i told them I would give away to newbs. So if you know a noob who qualifies in one of those categories please let me know. We want them to enjoy DG and the players who have donated their discs to the cause want them to be outfitted so they enjoy themselves.

    I have countless eagles, starfires, valks, wraiths, destroyers, monsters, teerex's, teebirds, etc .. so I can cover it all. The first discs I hand out are usually beat up DX plastic since the people don't know the difference anyhow. After that we get to some decent champ stuff. If they get real seirous we will show them star plastic and maybe Discrapt .. oops I mean Discraft.

    How to get them you ask? Just message me under private message not the visitors board because I don't even know how to read that stupid thing. Or call me at 503-750-4567 (Brian)
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    That's a cool idea Brian! I'm sure those who've told you to keep their stuff, or give it to new players, are stoked to see you making an effort to do that.
    At the Chick Flick, we will be having a disc swap for all the gals to trade in that max weight destroyer they got as their first disc for something they can throw. If you have anything you'd like to bring out for swapping or CTP prizes let one of us ladies know.


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      Ahhh good idea. I will look for some under 160 weight stuffs.


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        One of the things we (the 'Nation) have done with discs that we pulled from Trojan that we were told to keep is donate them to the Glenwood Community Church (up in Vancouver). They have two hanging baskets out by the first tee, and used to keep discs for casual players to "borrow" for their rounds out there.

        However, the last donation I made of approximately 20 discs seem to have gone missing. Unfortunately, I'm not sure whether they were "borrowed" for good, or if the church is keeping them elsewhere and that you have to ask to use them. If anyone knows, one way or the other, please let me know.

        Also, if anyone sees someone with a disc in their bag that is marked "donated to Glenwood Community Church bu the Trojan Nation," feel free to engage in vigilate justice as you deem fit.
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          I still have packs available. Just a reminder.


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            Originally posted by Brian View Post
            I still have packs available. Just a reminder.
            I think you should donate and play a few rounds with the residents of Vance Park. Well, minus one. That would give them something to do besides wander off cliffs.
            Huh...I didn't even see that tree.
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              I have actually donated several discs to people at Vance. I used to play vance several times a week.


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