Is it discourteous to tell someone their score if they do not ask for it? Page Title Module
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    OK, get ready for the fireworks...LOL
    educate your thinking


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      Originally posted by JMan View Post
      OK, get ready for the fireworks...LOL

      just don't throw it at me and I think we should be good LOL

      The reason I am confident of this is because I used to play with a lot of rec golfers and they all run around and push you when you are setting up your shot and throw things in front of you as you go, and then laugh about it. You know, the kind that are there for fun and not to get a good score (and have fun). Here goes my disclaimer ... yes even competitive DG is about having fun, but we also like to play seriously and not try to pants someone as they are putting and things like that. *end disclaimer*

      So after learning to play in those circumstances, I can handle most any distraction as long as it doesn't go in front of me or hit me.


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        Originally posted by Brian View Post
        Tiger Woods said his dad intentionally made noise when he was golfing so he wouldn't learn to need total silence when he was playing. .

        yes but i have seen some really big blowups from him over a camera click.....

        Originally posted by Brian View Post
        I also intentionally made noise when my kids were sleeping as babies and on up. Because there are some kids where you can't even walk around the house without them waking up. That is because the parents made them silent-only sleepers. If you train your kids and yourself not not get bothered by things it is way easier in the long run.

        oh yes this is true

        i am so glad my son can sleep thru loud tv or even music at times.
        "In Discatarianism We Trust"




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          If you don't like your score announced out loud then you should let the group know before teeing off, it all seems a bit strange to me, I wish we had big reader boards, so people could see other scores not in thier group, oh that's the pga excuse me, I recalculate everyones score in my group in my head every hole, locals that play with me don't even look at the card they just ask what's my score , I'm also lucky that i've always taken my kids with me golfing so background noise or other things don't bother me, I'm always doing something to the locals who play other tournaments to get them in that don't let nothung bother you routine, yelling during swings, bouncing behind the basket while putting, people that takes more than 30 seconds to make a shot because a car is going by on the street, or a plane flies overhead, or a dogs barking, hurry up and shoot, your not at a private course where there is nothing but golf going on, your in a park, shoot already
          so no there is nothing wrong with sometelling you your score unless you have told them not too,


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            Everyone is different when it comes to how they are wired. I would lose my composure if I was in the lead and someone let me know. Just because some guys can putt/drive when faced with distractions doesn't mean everyone can/should. I think its the heart of the matter that's important, if someone tells you your score to mess you up then thats wack. If its an accident, I could let it slide once but would let him/her know its uncool. It's about honoring people's differences. It's not wrong if someone doesn't want their score known.

            Also I won't play with people who screw around even if its for fun in the park. Every putt/throw means something when I play. If the person I am playing with can't understand that, they can go home and play disc golf on their Wii. I know this sounds "Hard Core" but golf can be an emotional game, I just think the best golfer should win, not the guy with the best mind game/bully tactics.


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              Distraction Try a ball golf driving range and have some one shank the ball into the wood wall that divides each slot and then have it be the one right behind you.


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