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  • tips and tricks throwing techniques section

    Would it be possible to get a section set up for people to ask questions about their throwing technique? This may help some players that are newer or just looking to get something fixed. And have some videos and resources posted.

    Why is it so hard for me to throw a sidearm? I pitched and played quarterback growing up but try to throw sidearm and I am lost. I can flick my putter no problem and am fairly confident with 150 to 200 maybe. What can I do to increase distance with my sidearm. I have a nose up problem when I try to add power. I have the basics but lack what I would consider a sidearm drive. I have tried and tried but just can't figure it out.
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    I just checked out Avery's website in the grip technique section, changed my midrange grip for heck of it and I must say the half fan grip is wow... it really does work...


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      The fan grip is your friend; it's amazing to me how many of you youngsters haven't learned it. If you're so inclined get your hands on a 165-175 Ultimate disc and play some catch.
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        Awesome! I will now try a power sideaem grip. It is funny that my 5 year old holds the disc this way naturally to throw sidearm but I hadn't thought to try it. Maybe I will try running around like a crazy man next time I play and pretend that sticks are swords and guns.
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          I started off as a sidearm which seemed to work great at first for me, but after a month, it started going bad for me. I'm not sure what I did that changed it.

          I checked around online for some reference material on throwing techniques and printed them out and started trying the various holds, mainly for forearm throws and found that I have a pretty wicked power grip forearm throw and have stuck with that since (did 3 birdies in one round last week due to the distance I can get with the power grip forearm which I would've never done with my gone wild sidearm).

          Though I do still use side arm when I need a harsh right turn off the Tee. If I only need a slight right turn, I just use my understable disc and give myself a slight tilt back when I throw.

          Now.. My youngest son, who also started off sidearm is having the same problem as me. His sidearm throws were ok when he first started, but now he's doing something wrong and his throws are horrible now. So I'm trying to talk him into learning the forearm now so he can switch if he needs to if he can't regain control on his sidearm.

          Anyway, yes, a section for new players to ask about such things might be nice, along with some photos or drawings of the various throwing techniques. The photos I ran into online were a wonderful help to me. I tried them all, found the one that was most comfortable and effective for me.

          A specific section for such questions from newer players will allow them to overcome their fear of asking in the other sections here. I've seen this a lot on other forums for other things, where new users are too afraid to ask in a general section, but when a new user section is put up, their fear is gone and they start asking their questions in the new user sections.


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