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    As a noob still, I have to admit that I still look at each hole as an individual goal, to either meet par or beat the par and not looking at the entire round as the goal. In due time I'll be changing that and probably should sooner than later, as well, *start keeping score!*, which we haven't been really doing yet.


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      I totally agree the concept of "par" is a construct that messes people up. For those who say that par matters then you're making it matter. The concept of par is just a construct to help us talk about scores. A stroke is a stroke whether it's for two, three or four on a hole. If you can learn to leave the concept of par behind you'll be better for it.

      The one place that par is useful is in talking about your score, you can say I shot a one up instead of a 55. Other then that it doesn't matter.

      Originally posted by ChUcK View Post
      The problem is not that suggested par limits are unrealistic. The problem is that the concept of "hole par" exists at all. It just shouldn't matter, but we convince ourselves and everyone around us that it does. Course pars (SSA, or something similar) make sense, and are a great way to compare skill levels across the board.

      I'm going to find the guy who first introduced the concept of hole-par and make him pay for all my missed birdie opps.

      Scorecard math is still just as easy no matter what the hole-pars are listed as. Simply add up any scorecard as if the holes were all par-3, and add/subtract from 54 like you always do. Or, add it all up as if every hole was a par five, then add or subtract from 90.

      Nice find, BVD. I might like reading this paper they're writing, but I suspect it will be a tad full of statistical jargon, and not as exciting as watching Tiger putt.


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        I'll chime in, as I always do when the par discussion comes up and say this. Saying that par "messes everyone up" or "is completely irrelevant" is silly, it may mess YOU up, or may be irrelevant for YOU. just because par might mess you up doesn't mean others don't appreciate the idea and incorporate it into their game. I believe having pars other than three will hopefully encourage more course design that has longer holes, and a number of players like to have par set, even if it is irrelevant, if you hate the concept of pars, ignore it, but it doesn't mean that everyone should as well.
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          I'm going to find the guy who first introduced the concept of hole-par and make him pay for all my missed birdie opps.


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