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    hahaha, yeah, I wasn't thinking of using at a legal defense ("But your honor, I said 'fore'!"), so much as knowing to say something when the inevitable bad throw comes--and also to know to duck when you hear someone else yelling it. I've seen plenty of noobs employ the "cover your face and walk in the opposite direction" technique, as well as the ever-popular-yet-not-so-articulate "oooooooooooooohhhhh!!!!!" on bad shots.
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      I have been playing now for three years and have made my biggest jumps by playing casual golf with golfers who are wayyyyyyyy better than me. My suggestion would be to let them know if they do get the addiction after playing then practice putting and throwing mid range approach shots the most for a couple months then find a nearby weekly doubles event to play in. That way they will get to see excellent players alot. They will make some friends and golf partners. tell them to ignore most of what they read on this web site also
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        Being a new player from just this year, here's a few things I picked up on while watching others and reading articles online:

        * Lower weight discs.
        Do not jump immediately to the heaviest discs available. I started off with a 175 g TeeRex disc and it was a horrible experience. I had absolutely no control of this disc at all. A week later, I dropped down to some discs in the 165-168 g range, which worked perfectly for me.

        * Grip!
        I can't emphasis how much learning a proper grip helped me out... I'd probably not show them how to sidearm it at all as new players. I started off with the sidearm because I used sidearm Frisbees when I was younger. The problem with that is that throwing a Frisbee and playing disc golf are totally different animals. So my sidearm was a horrible sight to see. So I spent a few weeks learning a typical forearm throw and at the same time learning the power grip with it. My youngest son (18 years old) who started near the same time as me went sidearm also, but to this day still can't control it. I've preached to him to at least learn the forearm throw, but he's stubborn and refuses to do so, even when more seasoned players have told him that he should.

        * Forearm throwing.
        See my rant above.

        * Throwing stance.
        I'm not sure if what I suggest is good on this, but! I found that as a new player, running up on my throw was not good for me learning how to get a good stance, aim and release of the disc. So I stopped trying to do that and just simply stood at the end of the tee, worked on my stance, aim and release from a stand still. Mind you though, I was putting my body into it, such as leaning back before throwing my arm and body forward for the throw. This helped me a lot in this area by not trying to run up and throwing. In fact, to this day, I still do not run forward with my throw, but not because it doesn't help, but because I have a bad right hip which hurts like hell if I do that for several tee offs. :-( Funny thing is, I can nearly throw just as far as players who do run up on their throws, but of course, nowhere near a distance that a pro can throw.

        * Understable disc for right hand forearm throws.
        I started off with overstable, which of course was another bad move on my part. My discs would constantly curve to the left. I could never get a good straight throw off when I first started. I tried understable discs which had helped me get a bit more control on that and throw a bit more straight. Now it doesn't matter for me, I can throw either and actually will throw one or the other depending on the situation.

        * Aim, Stance, Control before Distance.
        I'm not sure if this is good or not, but I believe that learning to aim, learning a good stance and learning to control the disc before learning to throw long distance is a priority. Once you have those down, start throwing a little harder gradually until you're throwing your hardest and still have aim and control. I've watched both my boys do the opposite and neither has reliable aim or control.

        * Player and Course Courtesy.
        Pay attention to the course and players on the course.

        * Pot, Papers and Pipes Oh My!
        If you don't know how to pack a bowl or roll up a fatty, you'll learn very quickly playing disc golf. (Please note that I do not condone the use of pot or any other drugs.. PERIOD! But I ain't gonna dog those that do. Ya wanna light up a big fatty while playing with me, that's fine.) /

        Anyway, those are some of the things I picked up on as a new player that I found were important to me as a new player. I really didn't have anyone to teach me much of anything for disc golf and had to pick things up on my own for the most part. With the exception of that last one, I feel that the rest are very important for a new player. Whether what I've said is correct or not, I don't know. I only know that these things helped me out through the last 4 or so months since I started.

        And of course... Don't be afraid to ask someone on the course a question! Just about any player on the course is more than willing to answer a question for someone else.


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          Check out the how to section of this site.

          Click here

          Challenge disc golf


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            Make it as interactive as possible.

            Show people grips and make them do it, get them throwing stuff and giving them basic tips, see if anyone has questions, etc.

            Basically, don't just talk at them the whole time.
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              Disc Golf info..

              I did a report awhile ago and posted it on my Web Site. It has some basic stuff in it. You might want to check it out.


              There is also a disc tutor link I was experimenting with:


              There is a link on the home page.


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                You guys rock

                I just want to thank everyone again for the great comments, suggestions and encouragement. I look forward to meeting everyone who can make it and I think we will have a great time. I've got some folks from Next Adventure bringing baskets and I plan to spend at least half the evening outside chucking plastic!


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                  If you get tired of talking you can always just show the videos from my new disc golf series

         Disc Golf


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                    Originally posted by Wog View Post
                    If you get tired of talking you can always just show the videos from my new disc golf series

           Disc Golf
                    Great videos, Steve.

                    But.... FRISBEE golf?!?!


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