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    I'll be honest, all this talk about what might be the "legal" thing to do, what might be the "polite" thing to do and all these moral questions made me think to my new found sport of Ultimate. (don't worry dg's still my favorite) Despite the fact that the sport is quite large, and the level of play at the national level is extreme, they continue to consciously choose not to use referees; now there are plenty of rules, often times rules that are just as, or even more obscure than disc golf, but when it comes down to it, the emphasis is on the spirit of the game, so much so that it's explicitly mentioned in their rule book. If you feel that the hit you received was a foul, you call it, if you think the opponent traveled, you call it. While I'm all for upholding the rules and I believe they should be followed, it just makes me think about what the purpose of those rules are, and whether they will always be the same and if they are all perfect and infallible. In my personal opinion, if a pro is literally under the basket, and the disc requires absolutely no flight whatsoever, I don't think picking it up would bother me whatsoever, (a 5 footer in a tournament would) I would always ask first before ever doing it, but the spirit of it doesn't bother me. Especially having watched a fair amount of match play ball golf, where conceding others shots is part of the rules and common courtesy, even very serious golfers like Tiger will concede those incredibly short putts. An interesting topic of discussion no doubt.
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      Be classy. Finish the hole.


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        Originally posted by Carie CPink View Post
        Be classy. Finish the hole.
        Here, here

        I was not going to wade in on this one but the irony is my partner tonight in doubles was picking up or expecting the other team we were playing with to pick up his putts from sometimes 20 feet. I was totally frustrated because I wanted to putt out as we should but nobody called him on it so I just thought that must be how the "Pro's" roll. It totally took me out of my game. By the 10th hole, I just stopped giving a care if we won or not, because I felt so guilty for not finishing our putts. When we finally had a tester putt that was not a "Gimme" we of course missed it. I know I am the dumb a** for not getting on him, but he is a way more experienced player and I assumed that the other team would eventually tire of it and call us on it. Frankly, I wanted them to call us on it. FINISH YOUR PUTTS! THERE ARE NO GIMME's IN COMPETITIVE PLAY!
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          Picking up from 20 feet?!


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            Originally posted by smobro View Post
            I just thought that must be how the "Pro's" roll.
            It's not how *this* "Pro" rolls!

            The "it's a gimme" thing is present in all divisions. Last year at TTs I had to keep telling my partners that we really DO need to putt out the 15' footers. Often times they would try to pick it up, because that's how they play with their friends or whatever. I've also had people try to pick up my 20 footers during bag tag matches this year, they were trying to be respectful, and I appreciate the reverence, but seriously, 20 foot putts are my nemesis, if anyone gets my tag, it'll probably be because I miss a couple shorties in my round!

            In sanctioned play I NEVER pick up anyone's disc, and when people pick up my gimmes, which does happen frequently in the MPO division, I will ask them to let me finish out my holes, usually something to the affect of, "Please let me hole out, I really need the practice!" Because seriously, I do! lol. As for non sanctioned play, I'll pick up someone's disc if they are close enough to literally place the disc in the basket. If you have to let go of the disc to get it in the basket, I'll let you deal with it.

            Also, a 20 footer at Pier is more like a 30 footer with those baskets sometimes! If anyone sees anyone not putting a twenty footer at Pier during dubs, they need to call them on it! It's not fair to the rest of the field!


            On a completely different note, congrats to Bryce and Camo Mike for winning the first Wednesday Doubles last night! It was CRAZY windy, Pier is mostly in the longs, and they still shot 11 under par! Way to shoot, fellas!


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              How does everyone feel about picking up a competitors disc when they are under the pin. I feel like in the pro division it shows repsect and saves time and possibly eliminates a nasty cut through or underserved spit out. I know some people don't like it, but I've never had a problem with it. The situation I've seen it in is when a competitor sticks a long put and while they are clearing out they pick up the other players disc that is under the bucket. Is it legal? No. Is it a issue? I don't think so...
              Well, I've seen top pros miss from under the basket before so I can't believe that another pro would allow them that competitive advantage, especially with the payout separation of 1-2 strokes.

              Picking up from 20 feet?!
              NOW I know how all those great Tuesday Twos scores happen!


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                Well, I wish someone would let me pick up a 20 footer. I missed two from around 10-15 last week!


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                  WOW... While reading this thread I had to check on three different times to make sure that Dion started it.

                  In a casual round it's fine to pick up another players disc that is a drop in but at no time during a PDGA event is it ever okay. Knowingly breaking the rules and not holing out is not only a several stroke penalty but should get a player DQed. People miss, that's part of the game. Most of us have missed from embarrassingly short before. It may seem like a nice thing to do but it's unfair to the rest of the field and in clear violation of PDGA rules.

                  I get pissed when I'm playing a non-pdga event and I see people not playing a hole out or slapping the chains. If there is money on the line then you have to play it legit.

                  Usually I'm a pretty calm (if not talkative) guy on the course but not putting out is something I wont stand for.

                  Just my 2 cents.



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