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  • Tiger Woods plays Disc Golf!

    Well, not really, but it got you to click right? Still potentially good news though, it looks like the newest Tiger Woods game for the Wii will have a disc golf mode. It could suck, for all I know, but also, it could be the reason that I finally shell out for a Wii.


    Finding myself more interested in this than the work at my desk, I found a little more info:

    From GameStop's product description: "All-New Disc Golf—Trade your clubs for discs in a fun, new game mode based on the family-fun sport of Disc Golf. Play from custom tee locations on all 27 courses in the game!"

    And from a moderator on EA's forums: "...disc golf is in the game and it's incredibly fun. They have nailed the physics of tossing a disc perfectly. Once they showed me that new feature, I didn't go back to playing regular golf. Although the courses are made for real golf, nothing like you'd find on a real disc course with trees in the fairways, the game plays really well."

    And a youtube feature--it looks basic, but promising: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LcpkkOEFJHk

    I think I may be stimulating the economy a bit more soon.
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    I don't remember where I saw this, so pardon me if it's been posted on this forum before:

    Interview with Disc Golf Wii game developer Autonomous Productions

    Different game, apparently, but the point is, it sounds like a lot of developers have been waiting for this new sensor thingy.
    Oregon disc golf map


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      Yeah, I've seen that before, but don't remember if it was on here or not. I'm sure the Autonomous Productions one will be much more in depth and hopefully more realistic than the Tiger Woods incarnation, but it's still promising to even have the words "disc golf" associated with the TW video game franchise.
      Untwist thine undergarments, 'tis but a Frisbee.


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        Wow. With all these games coming out with disc golf and now even Tiger Woods, one of the most popular games ever, I think it's pretty safe to say that disc golf is one of the fastest growing sports. I'm super excited! Thanks for sharing!


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          Looks promising. The big name will be great for exposure. And games are always a great way to find a new market, or people interested in playing the actual sport. I don't have a Wii though, and I've actually never played it before. I'm sure someone I know owns one though, because I wouldn't want to miss out on this.
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            I showed this thread to my son last night. He flipped out.

            "WE HAVE TO GET THAT!"


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              Here's a little preview I found...http://tigerwoodspgatour.easports.com/media.action
              (hopefully this link works, click on disc golf and press play)...I'm definately picking this on up.


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                i am buying a wii and i am preordering this game.
                Click here

                Challenge disc golf


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                  it will be even sweeter when you can play like the rest of us in the forest and not on manicured fairways.......with blackberries/scotchbroom instead of sand bunkers.... J/K

                  This looks fantastic gotta luv the fact that EA/TW are on board with this.
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                    My just turned 3 year old's skills on the course and on the fields in disc golf, baseball, and bowling have skyrocketed in the 2 weeks we have had the new WII... In tball class, the teacher was like holey toledo where did these huge jumps in skills come from? He nailed a Dad in class off the Tball Tee from about 25 feet after I told them to back up... LOL...I suggest any parents with young kids who can afford WII and a couple sports games to go for it... I cannot believe how fast he has picked up the coordination, I might post a video on youtube if can get a good video of him playing tennis or bowling.


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                      Originally posted by Scott View Post
                      I showed this thread to my son last night. He flipped out.

                      "WE HAVE TO GET THAT!"
                      That's the kind of enthusiasm that will make this mini-game a huge success and lead to further DG video game development. Scott, tell your son to pimp this game all over the playground!
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                        Originally posted by ChUcK View Post
                        That's the kind of enthusiasm that will make this mini-game a huge success and lead to further DG video game development. Scott, tell your son to pimp this game all over the playground!
                        Oh he will, don't worry. He's already pimping the dg element of Wii Beach Sports - and that one sucks!

                        You've got to wonder though.. If the game sells crazy well - will it be because of Tiger, or because of DG?


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                          DGC has the Wii TW disc golf info on their main page. In game equipment was modeled after discs bought at their Orlando store.

                          Saw a news article about the new advanced motion sensor system a day before this post and immediately thought about how cool a well done DG game would be utilizing it.
                          Sounds like TW '10 will at least hold us over until that day. Will give me a reason to turn the Wii on again! TW releases right around the corner on June 16th.


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                            Promo of Tiger's Golf Game


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                              Originally posted by Harpua_OR View Post
                              sick! sick! sick!

                              I can't wait.


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