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    Your question is exactly why I have a snail mail deadline and an online deadline. With the snail I always make it three or four days ahead of the event. The other need is for confirmation. I don't assume I am in till I see my name or hear from the TD no matter how I made payment.

    If the event is full normally I will call the late's and ask what they want to do. Wait list, Refund/return entry(uncashed).

    Personally I don't think that instant "online results" are that important to the non attendees. You just have to have some patience. Clearly by the end of the weekend the crew has had enough from the attender's about all kinds of stuff and surly don't need or care about the ones who did not attend.(at that time)
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      Originally posted by Chuck Kennedy View Post
      The uploading process is manual because TDs can get registrations from a variety of sources such as online signup services, mail or in person. They need to enter the names onto the PDGA TD report anyway. So by entering each name just once on the report, it allows the TD to upload registrations before the event and later upload scores during or after the event using the same procedures. Then the names are already there for submitting the report to the PDGA.

      I don't see any benefit to a direct electronic pipe from a reg service into the online display since that would mean a process to download names to the TD report would also need to be developed to keep the Excel TD report updated. And that process would have to not overwrite entries the TD had received directly by mail or in person.
      Perhaps we could set up a section in the PDGA online registration page that would list "tentative registrations" just so someone who signed up knows that at the very least the PDGA had received their request. This could end up being a "temp" reg list and people could see if their friends are on it... and let em know if they are not.

      Just a thought.
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        The PDGA does not receive any registrations to post. PDGASignup is run by the same contractor that handles fulfillment for membership packets. They take in online registrations and send a list I believe at least daily to the TDs. PDGASignup doesn't have access to the online PDGA tournament page where the registrations can get posted. It's up to the TD to post.


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          Sign-Ups and Fairness on Getting Into Tourneys

          Just a couple suggestions. I'm new to all of this, so if I state something that is unbelievably stoopid, well, forgiveness is divine.

          1. Perhaps a lottery should be held for all the people at have signed up by a certain date - and then that way it is fair to those that use snail-mail to get in their apps. Those that didn't make it in the draw will have their money automatically refunded. You're never going to make everyone happy all the time, right?

          2. Yes, I think a deadline app date for snail-mail and on-line registration needs to be posted somewhere. This forum is getting raves, so perhaps this would be a good place to do that. I'm not up to snuff on all the politics of this, so if that's not cool, well.....

          That's my two-cents worth, and hope it helps to get somewhere on this subject.


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            Switching to online only registration totally eliminates the snail mail problem.


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