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    Originally posted by Adam Schneider View Post
    Yeah, but Rosa Parks was awesome because she WASN'T in back.
    Which is why this works so well - I don't figure to many people stuck at the back of the box are wanting to stay there (except for Keys, possibly).
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      Would a Rosa Parks be having the high score on the preceding hole and leaping to the front and hukking your driver? That would be uppity indeed.
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        LOL - Last On List - what its called when you register late for the GNO

        A/S/L - Anhyzers Surprise Lift - when a breeze catches that s-turn just right and lifts your disc an extra 30ft further

        BTW - Big Throw Wasted - when you get impressive distance on your drive only you sail way past the short pin setting

        BRB - Bouncing Roller Basketed - when you ace a hole with a roller, happens all the time to me

        IMHO - Insane Monster Hyzer Overhand - the kind of throws all the kids are talking about and most of us geezers can't do

        ASAP - A Short Ass Putt - when you brain screams "Weeeeak!" just after you release your putt

        We were talking about disc golf acronyms?


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