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  • accuracy tips?

    I'm pretty new to disc golf (about a month or two regularly) and I think I have a pretty good drive (300-350 feet) but I have an issue with placement and I wanted to see if I could get some advice on placement (maybe even a few training activities) just so you know I spin once when I throw ( I feel like it helps me get some arm speed and it definitely gets more distance)

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    More time in the field.

    Oh, and don't 360. Not good for accuracy. You'll be able to hit 300-400' without it in no time.


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      Go do field work, stop doing 360's. When in the field, work on throwing at one object on every angle that you would use in a round. Once you can do that, step it back 50-75 feet (I start at around 150) and repeat the process. A day a week of this type of practice can dramatically add confidence in your aim and lower your scores.

      Also, figure out what your comfortable putting range around a basket is and aim at that. Mine is 25 feet so that gives me a conceivable 50 feet around a basket left to right that I can land in and be confident that I will drain the putt (obstacles not included).
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        slow down...this is about balance between power/control...too much of one comes at the cost of the other...repeat the exercise millions of times...
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          Disc choice is also key! While you can be accurate with wide rim high speed drivers, they tend to require more technically sounds form to be consistent. Work on your fairway driver, mid range, and putter throws. You can learn to throw far and have a terrible shorter game, but in the end it's not worth it. Trust me from experience.


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            First off, throw a Roc or a TeeBird for accuracy, you won't sacrifice much for distance but what you will gain is consistency/accuracy/straightness. If you are not an Innova fan than find what you consider to be the equivalent. Get rid of the extraneous movement, i.e. the 360 spin - not what I consider a true 360 throw but whatever, the saying less is more does apply here. I throw with a 3 strep run up even when trying to throw as hard as I can. Learn technique and turn that into power, use your hips and trunk rotation without doing the full spin, it's just not necessary. I speak from a biomechanical standpoint not just as a disc golfer. I work in the healthcare/rehabilitation field and know what body movements are worthless when applied to sports. Watch video of world class players and practice in a field. What really helps me with timing is driving with no run up - stationary - just to work on timing and trunk rotation. I see too many players relying on arm speed and not enough on trunk/lower extremity rotation. Practice, practic