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    I'm new to disc golf but not new to throwing a disc. I've been throwing a regular freestyle Frisbee for about 10 years with my family and I just decided to pick up disc golf. I'm probably of moderate skill level(I score mostly 3s on a small course in a canyon) I'd like to get my own discs,one by one, starting with a driver but I have no clue as to what discs are capable of what. I know what I want I just don't know which disc fits my needs.I'd like a driver that will stay straight, glide far and won't break (where I play there's lots of rocks and quite a few trees). Any advice on playing would be nice too

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    Try to find a 160g-165g straight flying "fairway driver". They are not the fastest discs but they are easier to use and manipulate the flight path of the disc. They encourage a clean and smooth release which will help you to learn how to use other molds faster. I would also recommend getting an understable mid-range disc.

    Drivers: Discraft Stalker, Innova Leopard
    Mid range: Discraft Comet, Innova Cobra


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      I would start with fairway drivers.

      I would start with a Innova TL or Teebird (straight flyers), Leopard or Stingray (under stable), And Orc or Eagle (over stable)

      If you want the disc to last the longest get them in Champion Plastic, it takes longer to beat in but it lasts forever. Star plays better off the shelf but will get beat up a little quicker

      Once you get these discs over 250 feet, then move up to higher speed drivers

      My $.02

      Remember Driving far it fun, but accuracy is Way more important and the biggest part of the game will be PUTTING


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        I agree with the fairway driver, but would add a mid-range like a buzz/Roc (stable/understable) and/or ibex/obex (vibram rubber lasts forever but some don't like the feel). They say that when you can throw a midrange 300+ (accurately) you should be close to playing open/pro (at least that is what I have heard here)


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          You might also consider the more durable plastic made by Latitude 64. They make their own brand (called opto), and Westside (called VIP) and Dynamic Discs (called Lucid). One of the most durable plastic blends available; even more durable than Innova's champion, IMO (based on wear when missing the fairways at Lunchtime).

          Lat 64 makes some very nice, glidey fairway drivers, the River (regular weights) & the Diamond (light weights) you might like. I'd also recommend Dynamic Discs' new midrange called the Truth.

          My recommendation for moving to high speed drivers is more pragmatic. Do field work with both your old & new discs: when you can throw the new ones further and as accurately as your current discs, put them in your bag.


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