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  • Open Drug Use

    I don't spend much time playing in public disc golf courses so I've been shocked lately at the open drug use including smoking pot and drinking alcohol. At least in the Spokane area, drugs are not allowed in our parks. I totally get the culture and don't begrudge people puffing and drinking while playing disc golf...I would just ask that folks PLEASE use some discretion.

    Somehow there is this unspoken assumption of amnesty at the disc golf courses. At DownRiver I watched people standing around a table covered in open beer cans and bottles, passing around a pot pipe, laughing and carrying on so loudly as if they were at a barbeque on private property.

    This is a public park. There were young kids walking by watching the crew drinking, smoking and dropping F bombs.

    I don't imagine it would take too many complaints and and a site visit or two from park personnel to shut that place down.

    Just asking people to use some common sense and a bit of discretion.
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    Same kinda thing down here. Just always seems to be "that crowd" that could care less.


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      Discretion is Cool


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