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  • First round at Cascade Locks ruined

    So my wife and I drove out to Cascade Locks to play the new course. An hour to drive a great course is no problem and I'm sure I'll be making that trek many times. It's a lovely drive so nothing to ruin there.

    As we got there clouds had rolled in, but this is Oregon and to be expected so nothing to ruin there.

    The wind was blowing pretty hard (nothing new in the gorge) and actually helped on many holes so nothing ruined there.

    No tee signs but a nice couple pointed us to the first tee and the course flowed pretty well from there so nothing ruined there.

    On hole 5 I lost a green destroyer on an errant shot If you know me, errant shots are some of the more consistent throws I have in my arsenal so nothing ruined there.

    We did get a little lost after hole 8 or 9 and ended up skipping a hole or two but this often happens on an unguided virgin round so nothing ruined there.

    My wife was playing one of her best rounds ever. She was within 2 shots of me after our 14th hole (I've been playing for 15 years and she has a little over a year under her belt) so definitely nothing ruined there. (except, perhaps a little of my pride and machismo

    However, what did ruin the round for us was the 2 guys playing ahead of us. They were on the next tee box (a good 300' past the green we were shooting up to) with their dog off it's leash. My wife threw her upshot under the basket and I threw my trusty Comet (the oldest and most revered disc in my bag) to within about 10'. The next thing I see is their (friendly enough looking) big black dog bounding our way. Both my wife and I were bitten by dogs as children and are a little nervous around them anyway but we are used to well behaved dogs on disc golf courses so we weren't that worried. What we weren't expecting was this dog to pick up my Comet and take off back to it's owner. WHAT KIND OF JACKASS BRINGS A DOG KNOWN TO CHASE DISCS TO A DISC GOLF COURSE AND LETS HIM OFF THE LEASH????

    The owner walked my disc to me and handed it to me with a single word...."sorry". He wasn't a newbie to the sport because he had all the bells and whistles of a tournament playing disc golfer so I said to him, "What are you thinking bringing a dog that chases discs to a disc golf course? You should know better than that!" At this he just turned around and walked away. This inconsiderate piece of shit was the reason my first round at Cascade Locks was ruined!

    My Comet now has two prominent tooth indentations in it and I never got to finish the last few holes on my first round at what otherwise would have been an amazing course. I'm not a dog Nazi and am totally ok with well trained dogs sharing disc golf courses but if your dog chases discs (or bites for that matter) and isn't trained; either leave it at home or keep it on a leash. I'M TALKING TO YOU.....JACKASS!

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    Sorry to hear about that. We were the ones that pointed you in the right direction and hate that this happened to you. We saw them earlier and were like why would they have that dog out here? Silly people.

    I guess we need a dogs on leash sign, as if that were not obvious. Can't pick up your dog doo when you don't know where the dig poo'd.
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      I see this all too often, and had something similar happen. Even with signs posted about the leash law, people still let their dogs off leash a lot at dg courses. I have yelled at people for this, but I'm not at the park to get into arguments.

      So what do to do about it? How do we, the disc golfers, go about getting better leash law enforcement, without causing more issues? Shame the offender somehow?
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        I will be the dog Nazi then. Don't bring any dogs to Lucky Mud. If we let your 'good' dog come here, then everyone will bring their 'good' dog, and I don't trust any dog owner's judgement on 'good.'

        No leashes either. Stuck in the car is the best your dog will get here. This place belongs to laid back wildlife, and they were here first. It's their house. Enjoy the deer on the course. No deer is known to have run off with any discs. I have seen six or seven hit by discs, and four times it was me. One time the bounce gave me a drop-in birdie.
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          Look out for the.....!!!

          I had a similar experience at Skyline, and it seemed like the dogs owner was a well-seasoned player (and maybe even worked there)... I was so stunned it left me kinda speechless.
          On a separate note - dog poop on the course!!! A good buddy of mine gave a rather competitive round up to me after burying his disc into a steaming, fresh Doberman load placed neatly under the pin. Nothing around to clean up with, very hilarious... It messed his round up plenty. I say that in a loving, brotherly way
          My dog learned to not chew my discs (or chase after them) right around the same time she learned not to chew my new shoes. And hat. And other shoes. And other hat. And 3 or 4 "yard" discs. Ok it took a while but she learned after a couple of well placed putts. No, I did not just admit to that. But it worked.


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            I also have a trusty, Saturn-stamp Comet that is the oldest, most revered disc in my bag, and if this had happened to me, I don't think I would have handled it as eloquently as you did. That guy owed you a replacement, although you know it really couldn't be replaced. I feel your pain, brother.
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