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    Originally posted by REDFIVE View Post
    i throw innova so i am uneducated about discraft discs. there are discraft discs that are equal to these but i am unsure what they are.
    Putter - Magnet
    Mid - Buzzz
    Fairway - Cyclone, maybe Impact
    Driver - XL
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      Sometimes, i wonder if all these different discs and variations just distract me from the game of golf. I find that the more discs I try out, the more I am convinced that I need to find a few discs and just stick with them. After all isn't the world record held by like an XL or a Valkyrie?
      Like Tim said, you are on the right track! Don't buy into the corporate hype, the "holy Grail" of discs is always going to be that next one coming soon, never the ones you own. Innova and Discraft both survive by bringing out the next best thing, and convincing a large population that they can't live without it. Well ... bullshit. I carry 7 discs, 5 molds, and they have been the same for years. Find a few you love and throw well, and then become their master. Move on when you have exhausted the possibilities of that mold and your skill. It's that, or start spending larger and larger amounts of cash on discs that collect dust, are sold off at a considerable loss, or traded for the molds I mentioned above.
      educate your thinking


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        It's funny you guys mention those particular discs. He already throws a good portion of what you have listed. He is a very fast learner. He is way better than I was my first year.. but that was back in the 80's and I wasn't serious about it. Swampthing goes out and plays alot and is VERY advanced for his time played. When I started I lacked any guidance and really any decent discs. He has a lot more instruction at his disposal and he is doing very well.

        He throws right now:

        Putter: Wizard
        Approach: XL/Buzzz/Roc and seems to lean towards the XL (this week at least hehe)
        Fairway: Leopard
        Regular driver: too many various discs I think
        Flippy: Avenger SS in the past not sure if he has decided to move on
        Hyzer: Wraith I believe

        For a new player I would recommend:

        Putter/Approach/Midrange: Buzzz or a KC Pro Roc
        fairway/Distance driver: TL (because most people have a tendency to hyzer super hard when they first start.)

        With those 2 discs most of us could par any course that we could par with multiple discs. if you throw really hard you could sub the TL for a wraith.


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          Gummy Innova discs aren't distinguished from the regular stuff, but usually is made that way to accomodate light weights.

          Discraft has a specific line of plastic called FLX (Flex) that specializes in grip and absorbtion of tree and basket hits.

          In either case, gummy plastic is grippier and has a tendancy to hit and stop as oppossed to hit and roll (or nick a tree and keep flying). It also has a tendancy to "collapse" in one's grip, resulting in slightly less accurate throws. Depending on how gumy a disc is, the outside edge of the disc that is not being held onto can droop away from the thrower, resulting in extra hyzer, or oddly enough, turn over quicker as the outside edge rebounds upward during the release of the disc.
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            Well, thanks for the compliment Brian!
            Putter: Wizard
            Approach: ROC
            Fairway: XL / Leopard
            Distance: Star Valkyrie/ Beast
            Hyzer: Star Tee Rex
            Flippy: ESP Avenger SS

            I play about 4-5 times a week, and think about disc golf about 4 times every 4th minute (if that make sense). Anyway thanks for everyones sentiments. I would like to start playing with different guys, and also play some lower level tournaments. Any recommendations?


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              Discraft has a specific line of plastic called FLX (Flex) that specializes in grip and absorbtion of tree and basket hits.

              I just got an FLX XL, and I can relate to what you are saying. Maybe just a little to flippy to be accurate. I want to try a regular esp/or zline instead. It does laugh at the sight of trees however. I have hit/knicked a bunch of trees with it and no sign of damage whatsoever.


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                I hate FLX, too grippy. Z and X for drivers and Pro D for mids, but that's me.

                Ron, you get signed yet??
                educate your thinking


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