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  • Anyone recognize this rhino?

    Attached is the photo of a Rhino i got from a players pack years ago, here in Oregon.
    i thought it was from 2004 GNO/Oregon series event at Whistlers, but neither tom or teresa Embree recognized it. so, maybe from a Jerry miller tourney at Dabney or Timber?
    Anyway, it's hard top, similar in feel to hard top KC Pro aviars i have, and I wouldn't know SE plastic if I felt it. I'm just curious at this point, but has anyone else seen this stamp , disc or know where it came from?
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    SE Rhynos were soft and rubbery, not like SE plastic in other molds, like the SE Leopard or SE Valkyrie, which were fairly stiff.
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      that stamp looks hand drawn?

      i do remember hearing about stiff rhynos, but have never seen or held 1.
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        Star probably but those are usually softer, could be DX but dyes don't normally hold well on that plastic. Probably one of those though.
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          dx imo. hard pro at best.
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