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    Question for TreeLove

    Thanks for the detailed input. What method have you used for anchoring the 4x4's? I'm thinking rebar stakes, possibly 12" in length. How about fastening the corners together? Inside corner braces? As for the crown for drainage - would a 1" crown be about right to start with, and allow some settling?


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      Haven't had much need to anchor the frames, if they are "buried" well, they should not move, but I like the idea of staking them down. As far as attaching the corners, sure some L-brackets would work great, inside or outside (outside will be underground and not visible anyway). I think I just used very long screws (Timb-R-Locks, IIRC). Once the frame is "buried, filled, covered, and back-filled, it won't go anywhere, as long as you retain the low side. As far as how high to crown it, I would say about 2 inches, and make sure the whole thing is rounded, ours have tended to sink in the corners making some low spots.
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